Thursday, May 31, 2018

Slán do anois, Shannon Pot!

From LIC Post:

The Shannon Pot, a longstanding Irish dive bar in Long Island City, will be closing down for a second time, but with plans already in the horizon to remain in the neighborhood.

The bar and restaurant, currently located at 21-59 44th Dr., will close on Friday as developers plan on bulldozing the one-story building to make way for a seven-story residential and commercial project.

The business, in the neighborhood since 1999, was already forced to relocate to its current 44th Drive site in 2014 from its prior spot at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Davis Street, which was also demolished as part of the two-story project under construction at the former 5Pointz site.

But a spokesperson for The Shannon Pot told the LIC Post that the developer, Kyriacos Stavrinou, has promised them a place at their upcoming development.

The spokesperson said The Shannon Pot will be back in business when the new building is completed. The bar currently has no plans to reopen elsewhere in the meantime, but could potentially do so if a short-term lease were obtained.


Anonymous said...

i hope they got that promise in writing...even though we all know you can trust your friendly neighborhood developer.

Anonymous said...

I can't be angry at the owners if they waited it out for the best offer to come their way. If If I were in his / her position i'd do the same.

Anonymous said...

They'll remain in business if they can afford the rent...,how long their lease will be....and what the rent increase will climb to after the lease is up.
So let it be written. So let it be done!
The Gospel according to REBNY!
Gotta sell a lotta booze to yuppie-hipsters to make a worthwhile profit.
In "hip" nabes, watering holes and eating spots come and go with the whiles of the millennial population. They're fickle and demand an ever overturning variety of "stimulation".
God knows, they get little in their cyber-drone world.
Here come the $18 "artisanal" sandwiches and craft beers.
LMAO! The only way that small businesses survive in NYC is if they own the building.

Anonymous said...

The owner could use the $$$ from the sale to reinvest in real estate himself and build a 2 story building with a few units and commercial space on the ground floor. Role reversal !!

Anonymous said...

"Here come the $18 "artisanal" sandwiches and craft beers."

They're already here... And we're stuck with all these hipsters doesn't look like they're moving to the next hot city

Anonymous said...

"Here come the $18 "artisanal" sandwiches and craft beers"

And that's exactly why you have people who dont want to be around that shit on stoops sipping box wine or bar hopping in cheap Corona. A guy near the park private rents $30 back yard sleepover pup tents with free & continental breakfast (whatever the hell that is)and he's sold out on summer weekends.

Anonymous said...

The only way that small businesses survive in NYC is if they own the building.
Hmmm, good point. Being the mayor wants all small businesses destroyed & buried. I wonder how long before small building owners with small private business will be forced to sell at gunpoint. Like what happened in New London neat the beach & waterfront.

Anonymous said...

>Like what happened in New London neat the beach & waterfront.

Worth noting that NYS is one of only 8 states that have not passed registration limited eminent domain in the wake of the Kelo v New London decision. The vast majority of the country moved to protect their citizens from the predations of politicians - but not New York.

Anonymous said...

>have not passed registration

I meant "legislation"