Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Coming soon to a streetscape near you?

From Brownstoner:

Another building is set to sprout up on 4th Avenue in Park Slope.

Renderings spotted outside 269 4th Avenue display a 12-story u-shaped building, with what might be an open courtyard on the ground level.

The most striking feature are two twin cantilevered sections on the top five floors, which loom over the three-story building next door at 265 4th Avenue. The top four floors appear to have balconies, and there will be additional rooftop recreation space open to all residential tenants, according to a permit application filed with the Department of Buildings.

Is this really the direction we want architecture to go in?


JQ LLC said...

That design looks like an arrogant boast to the residents of that corner apartment building.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant Architecture is in fact being taught at Columbia.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Crapping in BDB's own nabe?
FUCK HIM! Get a taste of Queens Mayor Duh!

Anonymous said...

i've seen more appealing buildings made out of LEGOs

Cav said...

JQ LLC said...
"That design looks like an arrogant boast to the residents of that corner apartment building."

Yes indeed, very much so.
I would describe it as the mono-culture Borg conquerors not only imposing their soul-crushing blandness on us but using this architectural drek to roar "resistance is futile!" at us.

Yet despite this, the aesthetic superiority of the older building makes this new construction look cheap and pathetic just like all their other endeavors to loom over older buildings.

Even if they win, they lose.

Don Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

Got to get those airspace property rights! Trump wouldn't make that mistake!

Anonymous said...

The building on the left would have had to sell their air property rights for the building on the right to be able to build over it. I would think they are lucky it wasn't three times the size/overhang.

Anonymous said...

That looks terrible! What kind of crappy architecture is that?

JQ LLC said...

This design was settled just days after the Real Deal expose on shoddy construction of the majority of new development too.

I rode by that Jenga building near Tribeca last week and I saw cracks and fissures below some of the hanging ceilings too.

I was thinking of Borg too, Cav. Although I would prefer their presence than the existence of these hideousities and especially the demo they are trying to attract for them. (Unless that demo is just piles and stinking piles of filthy laundered lucre)

I don't think de Faustio would be even bothered by this (or anything else being a sociopath politician), he was kissing Ratner's ass in the nascent stages of the Atlantic Yards consumption and tower pestilence of downtown Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

No pitty for Park Slope, they are responsible for the abomination known as Dumblasio

Rob in Manhattan said...

There are a number of these on Second ave in the mid-eighties and another on 77th. third has several as well.

Even when the new building is not cantilevered, the air rights are probably owned by the developer.

Lock at it this way, that old building probably has some regulated tenants who have been there a long time. This sort of arrangement means their old dump is safe from developers. As long as it doesn't burn down, it will be there far into the future.

Rob in increasingly dense Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Looks Like The Star Ship Enterprise Hotel !!

JQ LLC said...

Re: Starship

Yeah, Dope Space Nine.