Monday, September 30, 2019

Woodside community strikes back at tower development by elevated train tracks

Sunnyside Post

A 17-story, 90-unit apartment complex is planned to go up on Roosevelt Avenue and members of Community Board 2’s Land Use Committee oppose it—saying the building would be out of character with the area and put additional pressure on nearby infrastructure.

The developer, Peng Li of HW LIC One LLC., plans to build two structures on the corner of 51st Street and Roosevelt Avenue—with one being a 17-story mixed-use building and another a four-story school building.

The development is slated to go where the blue-colored J & Sons Supply building once stood, flush against the elevated 7 line. The building was recently demolished.

Li needs the Board of Standards & Appeals to grant him a special permit before he can move forward with the project. The site is located in the flight path of LaGuardia Airport and the proposed building is 190 feet tall—exceeding the permitted height in the flight path by 50 feet.

The community board gets to weigh in on Li’s application with a non-binding recommendation.


Anonymous said...

Is That on the Old Nuzioto Florists site?

kapimap said...

That's the old derelict flowershop!

TommyR said...

Google Maps Street View of 51st St / Roosevelt. Looking at the apartment complexes one block up by 43rd ave, seems like the average is six stories. 17 will definitely dwarf neighbors (and block light and air!)...but if it's going up practically on top of the elevated 7 tracks, a block from the 51st station, it's a hard to argue against it (nobody riding the 7 cares how tall the buildings are adjacent to the tracks), and nobody renting commercially or otherwise on Roosevelt does, either. Look at what's happened along 31st in Astoria - it just makes sense from a business point of view.