Friday, September 6, 2019

Homeowner spitefully makes his home uglier and scarier after neighbors complain about his creepy mannequin in his front yard


 Imagine looking out your window and seeing this staring at your home.

It's a mannequin, wearing a Halloween mask, covered in fake blood, waiting next to a phone with "311" written on it in red paint.

"It's scary. I'm scared to come home. I try not to come home alone, I try not to come home alone with my child. I'm fearful," said one of the Kew Gardens Hills homeowner, who asked we conceal her identity for this story.

She says the gruesome mannequin is the final straw in a dispute that has gone on for almost a year.
It began when their neighbor, Shlomo Klopfer, first hung a single sign reading "dead end" on his fence, facing their home:
"So I asked him about it. I said my daughter can read and she doesn't need seeing dead end," said her husband, who also asked we conceal his identity.

Which he got very aggressive at and said, 'F you. Not only will I not take it down, I'll add more signs,'" she said.

A promise that Klopfer made good on. We counted nearly two dozen signs hanging on his fence

"I love the signs. I love this and I'll build another," said Klopfer.

Klopfer says his neighbor has called 311 on him 3,000 times, which she disputes. According to the Department of Buildings website, there are 28 complaints listed for his address dating back to 1997, all while he was living there. Half of the complaints were placed prior to 2010, when the neighbors moved in.

"You see the phone there? 311? She can call from this phone," said Klopfer.

This story was from 2 months ago. Considering the NYPD's feeble response, imagine what it looks like now.


I See Dead People said...

What is the crime? NYPD can not do anything.

The neighbor is a grade A a-hole but he's not breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

This vacuous blog (ALL blogs) is totally useless. Whoever is behind it should simply shutter the whole phantom operation down immediately. For all of the rage and despair that are willfully inflicted by ALL filthy, crooked and hyper-corrupt politicians (not public servants), this blog can't do anything to hold ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE - much less demand it.

❝There is no polite way to tell people they've dedicated their lives to an illusion.❞ ——Daniel Dennett

Anonymous said...

Why is this even news. So what. With all the crap that goes on in this crap city of the world, why is this even an issue. Again, so what.

Anonymous said...

As long as his property and house is well maintained and he hasnt done anything creepy except for this then I would just turn my head and ignore it. It is his property and as long as it's not dirty then it really is nobody elses business what sign he puts on his doors or in his windows. Hes obviously just a dick but hes obviously not that crazy since hes has complaints for years and he hasnt taken any other actions except for this stupidity. So the best thing you can do is just turn your head and ignore him anymore.

Anonymous said...

These people were offended by a dead end sign?

JQ LLC said...

Anon 2:

You know who's behind it. You want it less vacuous, write to Crappy's email and ask to be an admin. Or write your own blog.

As for holding people accountable, realize that this is getting a lot harder now. There are stories on the wall st journal that I'm trying to get but can't because of a paywall.

As for the story, I only posted it just to show the attitude of that reprobate which I think is exemplary of the current malaise going on in this city and the impunity displayed our elected and appointed officials. I am actually a bit surprised by the leniency being displayed here in the comments.

JQ LLC said...

Anon 2:

This one wasn't that vacuous.

Anonymous said...

There are rules, folks. I am increasingly dismayed at the inability of people to understand that they cannot just do whatever they want to do. Parking on lawns, tall fences and walls, signs ...

...add people who support these infractions.

Anonymous said...

Scare crow is sure making scaredy crows of them city slickers

Anonymous said...

In reply to JQ, who replied to me, Anonymous Number Two: It's ALL a big, shit show and massive dupe dump! The litany of complaints by the ever languishing (and invisible, taxpaying public), and the now, openly practiced corruption, graft and greed by a criminal enterprise of corporate obedient, intolerant extremist, elitist governed politicians (NOT public servants), is an embarrassment to primates!

These predatory and rapacious actions (that have once again revived vigilantism, murder and ALL crimes against humanity), have been WILLFULLY ignored and disregarded by ALL public authorities, all of whom look the other way——whilst collecting their government paychecks for which everyone else continually pays the ULTIMATE, soul-crushing price!

And, the ever languishing public be eternally duped, bilked, damned and scammed!


❝It's ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society that is dominated by huge, oligarchical corporations. What kind of freedom is there inside of a corporation? They're totalitarian institutions—you take orders from above and maybe give them to people below you. There's about as much freedom as under Stalinism.❞ ——Noam Chomsky

❝You cannot change things by fighting the existing reality. In order to change things, you must create new ways which render the old ways obsolete.❞ ——Buckminster Fuller

❝The system cannot be fixed by the system.❞ ——Daniel Dennett

❝A people who elect corrupt politicians, impostors and thieves are not victims ... but accomplices.❞ ——George Orwell

❝Dear America: You are waking up, as Germany once did, to the awareness that 1/3 or your people would kill another 1/3——while 1/3 watches.❞ ——Werner Twertzog

❝The only thing hindering all out revolution is your fear of losing the scraps they throw at you.❞ ——Gore Vidal

❝Nobody in the world, nobody in history has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.❞ ——Gore Vidal

❝No man will ever be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.❞ —―Denis Diderot, French philosopher

❝Sooner or later, the people in this country are going to realize the government does not give a fuck about them. The government doesn't care about you or your children or your rights or your welfare or your safety. It simply doesn't give a fuck about you.❞ ——George Carlin

❝A bureaucrat is the most despicable of men, though he is needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble. I have yet to meet a bureaucrat who was not petty, dull, almost witless, crafty or stupid, an oppressor or a thief, a holder of little authority in which he delights, as a boy delights in possessing a vicious dog. Who can trust such creatures?❞ ——Marcus Cicero

❝To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist; that is all.❞ ——Oscar Wilde

Anonymous said...

Big deal! This isn't news or good investigative reporting. There are important stories to do and this is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

I live around the corner from this guy. He is actually a very friendly person and has two beautiful goldfish pools in the front yard. Many neighbors enjoy stopping to watch the fish. He has a larger goldfish pool in the backyard which he proudly showed me, as I indicated I really admired his fish. The side with the ugly signs facing the stupid neighbors is the only ugly part of his yard. And them complaining about a "dead end" sign, worried it would upset their snowflake daughter, would tick off a lot of people. I felt it was only fair to hear the other side of the story.

Anonymous said...

"I am actually a bit surprised by the leniency being displayed here in the comments."

I'm surprised you're buying into this snowflake society bullshit.

My child can said "dead end"...we're offended.

Well, if you want to make something out of nothing, make a big deal about nothing.

Yes, the guy's signs are a bit much, but I'm willing to bet he's not the only asshole in this story.

Anonymous said...

Schlomo wants that property. He has already amassed the Shekels from the unsuspecting Goyim.

It sounds like a 4chan story but it's real.

JQ LLC said...

@Last anon re:Schlomo

The big tell in that clip is when he says "why don't they sell the house"

I never read anything from 4 chan, but that statement has Occam's Razor all over it.

@Anon 2 re:new

Yes it is new. It's always new. That's how (d)evolution works as corruption gets worse and more open and normalized.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

>"So I asked him about it. I said my daughter can read and she doesn't need seeing dead end," said her husband, who also asked we conceal his identity.

For anyone wondering how Gen Z kids are growing up into snowflakes who can't handle the slightest dissent or contradiction - this is how.

>It sounds like a 4chan story but it's real.

It sure does, but it's a 4chan story about multiculti SJWs triggered by a street sign and trying to ruin someone elses' life over it, not about a greedy Jew.

Rob in Manhattan said...

My approach would be to wheel one of my old 1KW Mole-Richardson fresnel instruments right up to the window. Put in spot focus and turn 'er on.

There is nothing the other guy can do but put his shades down.

A cheap LED movie light would work as well.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

The snowflake kid's family's house is nothing to write home about. It is a tiny house that hasn't seen much maintenance for a good while. It badly needs a power washing, as the ancient siding is filthy and streaked with dirt. I tell you right off who would buy it---the Chinese. They'd either raze it or build another story on it, as is their custom, so they can squeeze the maximum number of people into the property. No use letting all that airspace go to waste, right?

Baby Maker said...

This neighbor is a jerk and the owners are not snowflakes. That acted like mature adults and tried to find a solution. In response, the neighbor acted like a baby to piss them off.

That said, I'm not sure how the Stone Temple Pilots sign fits in and the neighbor should just grow a row of trees and block his house.

Anonymous said...

>This neighbor is a jerk and the owners are not snowflakes.

They got offended by an ordinary street sign! How more snowflakey can you get?

TommyR said...

This is such a pointless post, really..the words 'dead end' are up on a DOT traffic sign on the corner outside my home, neighbors kids haven't ran crying and having PTSD, grow some fucking thick skin and maybe try focusing on REAL problems?

"It began when their neighbor, Shlomo Klopfer, first hung a single sign reading "dead end" on his fence, facing their home: "So I asked him about it. I said my daughter can read and she doesn't need seeing dead end," said her husband, who also asked we conceal his identity."

Really, once you read that part, you still decided this was QC-worthy?!

JQ LLC said...

Really, once you read that part, you still decided this was QC-worthy?!

I thought this was a good follow up to the crazy hoarder lady from Jamaica story. Apparently with all the diverse comments here, this turned out to be QC worthy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Crappy needs to post some photos of the property and the signs. Would you want to have this as your neighbor?

TommyR said...

For what it's worth I thought the hoarding thing wasn't that interesting or pertinent neither. When something becomes a trend or tellingly speaks of a general proclivity of behavioral attitudes between two groups (homeowners and renters, or developers and politicians) I think it's worth reading up on. Weirdly I saw the hoarding thing several places on reddit's sub-forums for nyc, and it just seemed so petty-gossipy.

JQ LLC said...


That's cool. I thought it was relevant with the whole Crap theme this site is named after.

Although the hoarder is actually pertinent because she was a nuisance for decades and got away with it until now.

Anonymous said...

It’s lowering the value of all the homes on this block! I heard he wants them out because of mixed religions. How childish.
Schlomo fights with many people, could you be his neighbor? I couldn’t

Anonymous said...

If it is lowering the prices, it is blockbusting. Sue under RICO.