Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Luxury hotel coming soon to Resorts World


NY Post

This is a real gamble.

Many New York hotels are sitting largely empty because of lost business due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the owner of Resorts World Casino NYC at Aqueduct in Queens announced plans Monday to open a new $400 million Hyatt Regency-run hotel next to its gambling facility, which is located near JFK airport.

The hotel will be called Hyatt Regency JFK at Resorts World New York

Malaysian-based Genting Americas always envisioned opening a hotel adjacent to its casino when it opened a decade ago. The casino sits next to Aqueduct race track.

Genting’s strong global ties — particularly in Asia — could help woo more customers from JFK airport to its casino resort.

Resorts World at Aqueduct also has been severely impacted by the COVID-outbreak, having been forced to close for months and then only allowed to reopen at limited capacity.

The plan calls for an eight-story, 400-room, “four-star” hotel to open in 2021.

The hotel will also include new restaurants, state-of-the-art conference and meeting spaces, retail stores, and additional gaming areas.


Anonymous said...

Will this just house homeless people too? Its kind of weird that you would INSIST on opening up a hotel in this economy anytime before 2022.

Anonymous said...

This is the new NYC modus operandi to install "homeless" shelters thru the back door.
Look how it worked out in Fresh Meadows.

Anonymous said...

Homeless need entertainment too this is very nice of the Malaysian company to build this for them.

Angry Queens Taxpayer said...

Yeah build them a tram or monorail to JFK & Rockaway train with taxpayer dollars next. This will end up another Asian barracks or homeless shelter.
Most patrons of that Casino are either whores, pimps, drug dealers or section 8 cases, with no pot to piss in who come by subway.
Everything from the river east in this once great city has been sold out and gone completely to hell. Thank you stupid democrat voters, your going to pay for this and your kids are going to get it even worse. Kiss your IRAs, Wills, Trusts and right to keep your homes private or let you children inherit them goodbye under the communism that's coming.

Liman said...

This one is probably intended to actually be a hotel. Keep the gamblers under your roof. Market it to visitors as a way to fly in and stay in New York City AND gamble. I don't think a homeless shelter would be good for the casino business.

Anonymous said...

That casino is nasty. Seriously just go to AC. Get a free drink, a free room, see a show, walk the boardwalk, look at the ocean

Don’t waste time in a casino run by the NY Lottery. Pfft

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, now homeless people don't even needed to leave their hotel room to lose their EBT, SNAP, disability or whatever other government free monetary benefits. How do you invest in this great idea?

Anonymous said...

Casino? Hotel? Wow. Our economy is based on addiction? I mean in NYC?

Hotel - depending on the area, homeless shelter, gambling den, bordello.

Which one is this?

Anonymous said...

That casino is a shithole surrounded by shithole neighborhoods and frequented by the dregs of society.

Anonymous said...

Is this in addition to the hotel under construction or is it the one being built?

Anonymous said...

Remember when the frozen drink machine broke down and a riot broke out?

Anonymous said...

This is one hotel that won't be going to the homeless. It's an ill-conceived attempt to remake the site as a stay-and-play gambling destination. I highly doubt it will work. But they won't be warehousing EDPs any time soon.

Anonymous said...

AC is still a thousand times better than acqueduct or yonkers 'casinos' - live table games, an ocean breeze and you have nearly half a dozen other casinos to walk to if one of 'em isn't giving you the luck. Plus free booze if you are playing. I was playing $5 slots in yonkers once and still had to pay for cheap beer in a tiny plastic cup. Never again.

Anonymous said...


Famous words come to mind "ME love you long time" :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

world resort is not really a casino in my opinion. no live dealer no blackjack table.. geez.