Friday, October 9, 2020

CB2 approves mixed use tower...down by the river 


Last week, Queens Community Board 2 voted to approve a 21-story mixed-use development at 42-11 9th Street in Long Island City. The commercial building with comprise 70,000 square feet of industrial space within the podium, 270,000 square feet of commercial office space, and 2,900 square feet of ground-level retail. A partnership between Titan Machine and RXR Realty is responsible for this project that will create over a thousand new jobs in the Long Island City’s Industrial Business Zone.

The site is currently occupied by the Titan elevator manufacturing and repair company facility.

Community board approval is the first formal step for the development in the city’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP), a public review process. Next, the project will go before the Queens borough president for view. The ULURP application seeks to designate the project site as an industrial business incentive area (IBIA), a mechanism developed by the city to encourage private development of new industrial space.


Anonymous said...

Long Island is going to tip over into the East River from all those huge complexes being in LIC.

lipper LLC said...

titan machine, does not leave much to the imagination. CRIPES!

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much Jimbrowski pocketed from this latest improvement to LIC?

Anonymous said...

I think the yuppies are tired of living in these structures and have or are currently fleeing to suburban enclaves where you can get more for your money. Maybe they should just start building single family houses in place of these glassy elitist towers.

Anonymous said...

These glass towers are from another era and people will tire of them as they tire of everything else. And with COVID and the next future pandemic, many are looking for single homes in the suburbs. First they flocked to the city, then they flocked to the suburbs, then they flocked again to the city and now they are flocking back to the suburbs.