Friday, October 11, 2019

Bipolar homeless man attacked a child in front of his house

NY Post

 A homeless man with a history of mental illness randomly attacked a 6-year-old boy in front of his grandparent’s house in Queens on Thursday afternoon, seriously injuring the boy, police and sources said.

The child was sitting on the steps of his grandparent’s house on Metropolitan Avenue near 123rd Street in Kew Gardens at about 5 p.m. when the vagrant walked into their driveway, said Rabbi Naftali Portnoy, the boy’s grandfather.

The 35-year-old vagrant then grabbed the child, picked him up and threw him to the concrete, slamming his face on the ground, police said.

His brother rushed into the house and told his grandfather about the attack.

Portnoy called 911 and tailed the vagrant, who was shirtless, while he walked away from the scene down Metropolitan Avenue.

Cops arrived soon after and arrested the suspect, who sat down on the street and said, “I’m bipolar,” the grandfather explained.

The kid was rushed to Cohen Children’s Medical Center and treated for hemorrhaging to the brain and facial contusions, a source said.

Quick First Lady McCray, send some simps to hand out Thrive pamphlets on Metropolitan Ave.


Anonymous said...

That is such a shame when a child cant sit in front of their own house without being hurt. These days, the city has gotten so bad that everyone just closes their doors. When I was a kid, we used to leave our front door wide opened and nobody would bother us even. The neighbors all looked out for each others houses and kids. These days, many dont even know their neighbors names.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mayor,

You have completely failed in your position. Please resign. We are not safe because of all your failed, liberal, progressive policies. They simply don't work. You're worse than Dinkins and that's saying something.


A life-long New Yorker.

Anonymous said...

andrew cuomo needs to take some blame in all this

Mom said...

Anonymous, this is a bunch of crap. It was way worse in the 1980s.
When "you were a kid" you viewed everything from a kid's perspective.

Anonymous 2, this is an incident that was bad. Saying that you are not safe anymore when people are no longer getting stabbed everyday on the train is ridiculous.

You pearl clenchers need to get a grip.

When I was a kid, we used to leave our front door wide opened and nobody would bother us even.

Anonymous said...

Anon #1 Yep !
Anon #2 Yep !

Anonymous said...

$900 million dollars down the drain. Lord save us.

Anonymous said...


Get rid of these parasites that the powers to be love to say are "down on their luck". More like lazy and made poor choices all their lives.

Take out a homeless man (or woman).

Grampa said...

In my day, not only did we keep the doors unlocked, we took the doors off the hinges to let the breeze come in.

Anonymous said...

It's not just this miserable parody of a mayor who is at fault. We all suffer a pronounced lack of safety not only due to the mayor's failed liberal policies, but also to those of the idiot libs who comprise most of our City Council.

You can't take a subway without having bums strolling down the aisles looking for handouts, without being in danger of being groped, stabbed, or even pushed onto the tracks, certainly in peril of being dreadfully late to your destination.

Your children under this stupid commie hardliner are being subjected to liberal "progressive" commie indoctrination in the city schools instead of being taught math, science, actual history, etc., receiving absolutely worthless diplomas whether they attended their classes and did the required work--or not. Normal classroom discipline is forbidden to be carried out by teachers, especially if the offending student is minority. Teachers, on the other hand, can be verbally and physically assaulted by students with little to no consequences to the latter.

You step into your car and enter the Twilight Zone of bumper to bumper traffic, potholes, worn away lane markings, burned out street lights and nowhere to park--and this anal orifice of a mayor pushes for MORE development and MORE people, shove 'em in, as many as can physically fit into housing.

In the spirit of spreading mediocrity and blight to all, this piece of excrement strutting around as the mayor insists on closing Rikers and placing loci of criminals in every neighborhood, fulfilling commie doctrine that everyone must be equal; there can't be nice neighborhoods any more, all must live in filth and crime infestation. And, he sure doesn't push away the megabucks his developer handlers slip him for providing them a choice piece of NYC real estate on Rikers. He has done nothing but bring blight to every aspect of NYC life, to the extent that a little child can't even sit on his own doorstep without being viciously assaulted. Imagine when the towering jail goes up in Kew Gardens, how many people like this nut case will be placed in proximity to YOUR kids.

Illegal criminal invaders into our city are accorded preferential treatment over citizens by our mayor and city council. We are only their prey and ATM machine, bankrolling free housing, education, medical and legal care, etc. for people who don't even belong here. It's no secret why our city schools are bursting at the seams with the additional burden of their offspring. Our own city government even protects these illegal aliens from being deported, aiding and abetting them in their crimes against us, the sitting ducks. The only thing they're interested in is the "D" vote the illegals can offer. So we have to subsidize votes against the higher class life to which we aspire with our own money. Our taxes are being hijacked to support illegal criminal invaders so they can vote "D". We can't have cleaner streets, fewer drunk drivers, a lower density of people, fewer crimes--the mayor and city council feel that their staying in power is far more important.

Thank goodness I'm outta here in 2 weeks, out of the oozing pit of filth NYC has become under demented criminal mayors and irresponsible city council members like this.

Anonymous said...

"Thank goodness I'm outta here in 2 weeks"
Good for you buddy. I'm right behind you.

Anonymous said...

Can’t wait to be able to say I’m outta here 2 weeks.
God bless

Anonymous said...

We need to put lithium in the water supply

Anonymous said...

I live in a town and state that carrying a fire arm and protecting loved ones and property is a citizens right. Though we've never had such a heinous crime in our community, I can tell you this fellow would not have made it to the child.

Anonymous said...

"Thank goodness I'm outta here in 2 weeks"

I tried to think about staying, moving back to the old neighborhood that I was told was still mostly white---but hell no!
This is not the New York I once knew in 1979. Last straw was meeting up with old friends in Ridgewood at a pub on Fresh Pond Road (Glen-Lo Tavern).

Not one dam person was speaking English including the waitresses.
We felt like we were in some Slava SputnicK eastern block shithole round all weird creepy looking people.
Russian mafia, Albanian's, even what I think were a bunch of bearded fags with blue hair. and every other eastern weirdness over there.
Even a sandstone stoop on and old 1920s Stier house painted beige with brass bling and a brick gate.
$2000 a month rents and 1 million dollar to buy a house only to live around this?

That's it, fuck this, I'm friggan done, had enough, I'm selling the house and bailing

Anonymous said...

If Cuomo II and deBlasio is gonna allow a Free For All the un-constitutional communist gun and castle doctrine laws need to be changed in New York so law abiding citizen's are the only people allowed to use them to protect themselves and kids.
ICE and the police are overrun to do it.

Why does it take over 7 armed cops with in-ear walkie-talkies to take the mayor or Chuck Schumer to the gym, subway or any dam place.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in bayside I never thought it would fall,ever see Whitestone park on weekend's? It's the next Flushing Meadows Park!!

Anonymous said...

Put a high rise jail in Doug Manner