Friday, October 4, 2019

Donovan Richards is running for Queens borough president with Claire Shulman's backing

NY Daily News 

Far Rockaway City Councilman Donovan Richards jumped into the race to succeed Queens Borough President Melinda Katz Wednesday, running on a platform of equitable economic growth.

“As we watch the skyline transform and grow in front of our eyes, each and every day, there are too many of us that are being left behind,” Richards told the small crowd, adding that economic growth must be “managed correctly.”

He went on to tout three committee chairmanships in his six-year tenure on the council: public safety, zoning and environmental protection.

As Borough President, Richards pledged he’d diversify community boards, expand public transit options in Eastern Queens, conduct participatory budgeting, and overhaul the Queens property tax system, which he described as racially biased.

He told the Daily News that he will accept real estate donations, adding that, “My integrity would never be compromised.”


Anonymous said...

JQ you need to post the link to the woman at AOC’s town hall screaming about eating babies. Now that’s crap!

Anonymous said...

Lancman will probably run also.

Anonymous said...

Shulman looks like she was just happy to have a reason (and some help) to get out of her house.

Anonymous said...

"He will accept real estate donations, adding that, “My integrity would never be compromised.”

By announcing he will accept real estate donations his integrity (What little there is of it) has already been compromised.

The announcement itself could be taken as a solicitation of donations from developers and real estate businesses


What a fool. But he's considered to be a viable candidate by the voters, so who're the real fools?

Anonymous said...

So is Uhlrich

Anonymous said...

If he i swilling to take donations from the real estate industry you already have to question his integrity. Just one more politician waiting to sell out.

JQ LLC said...

First anon re: AOC

Watching Stuttering John, the daily show, practical jokers and currently Eric Andre, I knew this was a joke.

That woman is a member of Lyndon LaRouche's cult. It was an amateur attempt at pranking and sabotage.

I admit it was funny.

georgetheatheist said...

Eat the politicians.

Anonymous said...

How nice, Donovan took his bulldog out for a walk.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Cuckoo Cabana, with orders straight from Havana, runs