Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bill de Bastard


Impunity City

“This is your city”. When Mayor Bill de Blasio ran for re-election in 2017 barely a year after he dodged charges for running an anarchic pay-to-play system with corporations and agencies with municipal business with this city, this bland platitude was his campaign slogan. It looked like it was supposed to mean that his vow on his first day in office back in 2014 to end the tale of two of them had been achieved and it singularly belonged to all us New Yawkers.

As everyone is aware, it is 2019. And it’s still an inequitable fucking mess for this city’s working poor and middle class who still make it run. But it’s crystal clear who the Mayor was talking to when he said “your city” and it’s not only who you would expect by default meaning the benefactors and profiteers of the Gentrification Industrial Complex, the overlords of real estate development or even the transplants that stupidly overspend for their studio and one bedroom apts (and gut converted tenement ones in their portfolios). Nope. The one he was talking about was himself, Bill de Blasio.

Since his farcical presidential run ended, Bill has been a real huge dick lately. Actually it was just a week before he decided to terminate it, when he went on WNYC for his weekly Friday bloviating interview with the sappy host Brian Lehrer. A citizen called in concerning the affordable housing program that he runs has not made it out to the lower income earning people or the ballooning homeless population that need it the most. And this is how this monster responded:

“We can’t just do affordable housing for the lowest income folks,”

Now I have been thoroughly critical of this mayor since the start of this digital publication 3 years ago mostly because of what his morally bankrupt decisions have had on his constituents, but with that tone-deaf statement and with yours truly being a full-time working poor low income folk, now it’s fucking personal.


Anonymous said...

The man is no longer electable. He can't even be elected to serve in a community board. BYE BYE DIBL-ASS-IO !!

Anonymous said...

So why is he not using one of his bike lanes? After all is better than riding in a gas guzzler SUV. Ah.....the totalitarian leftist liberals....do as I say no as I do. Punk.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting article that I wish I had written. It really illustrates where deBlasio gets his support from.


Anonymous said...

The author of that article probably voted for Dumblass during the first election. He was also probably one of those people who always complained about Bloomberg. They got what they deserved.

Anonymous said...

"The man is no longer electable. He can't even be elected to serve in a community board. BYE BYE DIBL-ASS-IO !!"

Dude, what city do you live in? The only reason DiB is will not be elected to another term is because he is term-limited. Let's face it: nothing can stop the Democrats from ruining everything they touch in this city. The zombie electorate will elect and re-elect any Democrat that is running regardless of the amount of damage they do. As bad as DiBlasio is, just wait til Corey Johnson takes over. You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Harry Bingham IV

John E. Mack said...

What a shame it took some two elections to figure this guy out. Buyers remorse after being given a second chance to send him packing. All you had to do was believe him for what he claimed to be and the actions & positions he took beforehand. Johnny Mack Ex NYC & not looking back.

Anonymous said...

I have seen some housing opened to really low income people. When the housing in flushing was opened, the highest amount you had to make between 2 people for a one bedroom house was 40000. I would say that's pretty low end income. Maybe you mean the people who are on welfare only who only make like 20000? What they need to do is start reassessing the people who actually live in the project houses and kick those people out. I have seen people who stay in those apartments who still live in them after their relatives who really owned it died. Then I've seen people who sublease these project houses. Project housing needs a huge overhaul in the city and those who can be downgraded from a bigger apartment to a smaller apartment, should be told to move. Also, the affordable housing market misses those people who are truly middle class and that's the people who earn 60k or 80k and are married and/or have a family to support. Between these incomes, there's not much available in halfway decent neighborhoods. And yes they can also open up more housing for people who earn between 25k-50k in this city.

JQ LLC said...

Anon 4 re probably

I absolutely did not vote for de Bastard. I knew something was funny the day he got arrested in 2013 protesting to keep a hospital open, then all of a sudden he got all these big money big real estate donations.

You sure are right that I hated Bloomberg, he has helped create this inequitable, hyperdeveloped city and made it boring. He also was unaware of profligate waste going even while he was running city hall (remember CityTime?) He also exacerbated the homeless crisis too (it started to go up under him).

@Harry re Cojo

I agree what a heinous prospect that is. And you would be surprised how loathed he in progressive circles as well as conservative.

JQ LLC said...

Also Anon 4

De Bastard is also continuing Bloomberg's policy of luxury and tourism over every citizen.

Anonymous said...


I am surprised to hear CoJo is loathed in progressive circles since he seems like the ultimate progressive poster child. Nevertheless, he is the heir apparent. As such, as soon as he secures Row A, he will be the next mayor. It won't matter if he is loathed or loved. I know plenty of people that despise DeBlasio and Cuomo and can't stop bitchin' about them all year long. But, true to form, come Election Day they go into the voting booth and vote Dem straight down without even looking at the names. It's an incredible phenomenon.

Harry Bingham IV

Anonymous said...

The only reason DiB is will not be elected to another term is because he is term-limited.

Do tell. Then Republican now DemocRAT Bloomberg bought his third term. Also has $51 billion to show. I know those lovely terminals $1500 a pop a month make all that money.

Anonymous said...

But we have another beauty coming up next if the corrupt ultra Left City Council Speaker Johnson is voted in as mayor. Run for the hills!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, especially Harry! Anyone could see back in 2013 that deBozo had a sneaky side to him and was condescending. I never voted for him and I'm a Dem! Then throughout his first term, he made one arrogant decision after the next (remember that huge snowstorm we had when he was only in office for a month and refused to close schools and said it was a beautiful day, even respected meteorologist Al Roker came out criticizing him for that, I knew from then that I was right about him; and who could forget how he ignored all those community boards who voted no to the bike lanes but he pushed them through anyways; he most definitely should not have been elected a second term. Hardly enough people vote in NYC and the determined ones who do get out to vote are the uber liberal types who will vote Democrat purely on social issues such as having gender neutral bathrooms, when our basic quality of life and neighborhoods are being destroyed and our tax dollars wasted. It's sad, but whoever secures a Dem nomination in NYC, will win and yes we should be very concerned about Corey Johnson- he's a younger and more determined version of deBozo, we have to get out and vote and tell our friends, family and neighbors to vote Republican in NYC elections and I'm a Democrat saying this! That's how out of control the city has gotten. Let's start by getting out on Tuesday and vote for Borelli for public advocate, it's not a big position but the more we can chip away at this mess, the better- by the way, Borelli's top 3 agenda items are the same thing "Stop the deBlasio agenda". How can you not want to vote for the guy???