Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Movie and TV production tax credits brings diminished results for local jobs

Times Union

  Billions of dollars to subsidize film and television projects in New York hasn't had a statistically significant impact on employment in the entertainment industry, according to a new study.

University of Southern California associate professor Michael Thom conducted a peer-reviewed analysis of a handful of state's that offer the bulk of motion picture incentives in the country and found that — when controlled for economic factors such as the growth in the labor market — there is "not much" of a link between job creation and the lucrative credit offered in New York, which was created in 2004.

The study represents a continuation of scholarly analyses questioning whether the refundable tax credit, which was recently extended by state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, is a prudent investment.

Thom determined that employment in the entertainment industry, which increased in New York by more than 60 percent from 2004 to 2017, based on federal jobs numbers, was largely the product of trends in the overall economy and national growth in the industry. He also found a low correlation between the credit and wages paid in the below-the-line jobs that benefit from the credit.

“It’s not the incentives, its simply the normal ebb and flow of the labor market," Thom said.
This conclusion is vociferously disputed by organized labor groups working in film and television, who point to their own studies and anecdotal evidence that the credits have led to a flourishing sector with wide ripple effects.


Joe said...

Like I said 2 years ago and been saying.
The only jobs are for I.A.T.S.E union members and SAG actors, guild writers and last a couple kids running donuts, coffee & water bottles in exchange for intern college credits and 2 local car towing company's
Oh, And forget ANYBODY getting into those above mentioned unions unless you cast couch or have a family member (usually a father who's in) that dies and other members vote you in as a replacement.
Its a big hoax. ...To add, most the catering and set building is done out of state, Mexico and trucked in.

--This coming from a former IATSE member, scumbag racketeers taking over our streets all of them.

Anonymous said...

""This conclusion is vociferously disputed by organized labor groups working in film and television""

That because that mob is all fulla shit...Those crooked father & son closed unions contributed HUGE to Clinton, Cuomo II and deBlasio.

Organized labor groups my ass, its more like organized crime!!!
This deal is just as lousy as Amazon would have been...perhaps worse.

Anonymous said...

"scumbag racketeers taking over our streets"
Joe you are right. Parking is bad enough in Queens and when these Movie crews take over we lose hundreds of prime free street parking spots close to our homes/Apts.

Anonymous said...

Joe has nailed this one. 'nuf said! These movie and tv folks are all sacred cows!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. My son works in the industry, as do all his friends and acquaintances. They are working all the time, and support themselves, paying rents and taxes. I don't give a crap about the free parking that may go missing. Go park in a garage, why don't you. Free parking all over the city is a bigger giveaway to a special interest group.

Joe said...

""My son works in the industry, as do all his friends and acquaintances""

Interns running water bottles for minim wage or happy IA family ? --Likely all liberals living off local racketeering, misery and outright theft. And how much did the local IATSEs donate to Cuomo II, deBlasio and Clinton campaigns, 1.8 million or 2.8 million ?

"They are working all the time, support themselves, paying rents and taxes"
Yeah, got that right. Likely the entry level slaves waking up with black eyes (due to lack of sleep) working all the time because the IATSE takes 1/3 their paycheck and that's before taxes. --I know and I not afraid to tell the truth about these SOBs, the Hollyweird carpet baggers and scumbags leasing expensive NYC apartments and East Hampton beach houses included.
This whole industry is a shitshill scam, Hollywood rats fleeing California in need of jobs to pay for the above !!!


Joe said...

Let me add:
These people that preach tolerance and liberalism are fleeing Hollywood like rats in a sinking ship because Hollywood these days the prime good have been flooded with Arabs who built ugly stone shitters & Homeless robbing their houses.
They "don't like it no more" and want to work and live in New York and Brooklyn

The local IA wants the jobs and the filthy dirty corrupt politicians supporting this horseshit want the underhanded back room payola. That's all of it in a nutshell.
All fucking mobbed !!!

Anonymous said...

Joe is 100% correct. Tbe bastards set up camp, bring their own catering trucks, take all the parking and arrogantly walk around like they own the street. Who needs this shit?

Anonymous said...

Joe is 100% correct and every TV show or Hollywood film is unwatchable crap. I have a repetitive stress injury from pressing the TV remote trying to find anything on TV that is worth viewing.

Anonymous said...

Send them all back to LaLa Land on a Gondola along with DeNiro deBlasio and have the Arabs, Gangs and Homeless finish them off.

This city does not belong to any of them.

Miss Zoé said...

The music industry. The fashion industry. The media. Politicians.
Just about anyone who has any fame at all ALL get’s off lighter because they're famous.
Privilege in these pieces of shit means private law - one law for the rich and famous, politicians and such.
I am just tired of people worshiping them and wasting their hard earned money on the worthless crap Hollywood produces that is why I am proud to say that I haven't purchased a CD or DVD in over a decade!
As a musician and extra many tried to get me on the casting couch also, that's all true and very real as Joe said.
He seen it all, trust me on that. His apparent anger is justified.
Fuck them all, fight them every way possible.