Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The leaning lampost of Brooklyn

New York Shitty

 As you can see, this lamppost has really tied one on. Some next level engineering, this shit. What you cannot see: an electrical cable straddling Baltic: dangling so tantalizing low it grazed a number of passing trucks, buses and the like. That’s something fun waiting to happen.

Yeah, this is some good street maintenance and safety measure here by your city that's straight from the movie Idiocracy.



warp10 said...

Looks like this was reported to the DOT on Sunday 9/29: http://service.nyctmc.org/alias3/status.asp?wo=3101774&mode=sl

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is diblasios favorite borough.

Anonymous said...

YOu mean "The Crooked Lampost of Crooklyn"

Anonymous said...

YOu've never seen the leaning tower on the East Side?
I saw it one day and thought it was gonna fall.