Saturday, August 31, 2019

NYC Parks Department is using Forest Park as a septic waste dump

 CBS New York

There’s a nauseating mess in a popular Queens park. 

 Trucks have been spotted pouring a whole lot of waste but the more shocking discovery is who’s behind it all. 

Chunky, murky sludge gushing at full speed directly into one of the most beloved parks in Queens. 

“Smells like a sewer,” one resident said. It’s creating a soggy, muddy cesspool of bugs, trash, and who knows what else on a strip of land in Forest Park near Union Turnpike and Myrtle Avenue.

 No word from Mitchell Silver about this, not only would he not allow this in Central Park or Prospect Park, but exactly what parks this waste is coming from (maybe this shit is coming from Flushing Meadows with the U.S. Open going on)?  And to our idiot mayor, doesn't Forest Park factor in your version of the Green New Deal?


  The location is the same section of Forest Park where the agency plans to create a new entrance where parkgoers from nearby Glendale can enter from Myrtle Avenue to other sections that will also soon be revamped.

This is not hazardous waste. These trucks were used to clear soil and sediment from our clogged catch basins and spray shower drains to prevent puddling. Fresh water from the holding tanks is used to flush the sediment,” spokeswoman Meghan Lalor said. “Any large debris will be addressed this evening and then we will follow up by raking the sediment with machinery to address anything remaining.”
The dumping occurred near the northeast corner of the park where people are able to enter from Myrtle Avenue. The Parks Department has been looking to revamp the area which mostly serves as a route for motorists get on the Jackie Robinson Parkway.
But the scene was alarming for multiple people in videos captured as the smell was bad, according to those in the video, and garbage such as water bottles and wrappers could be seen.
“The smell of the discharge was abhorrent. There were gallons and gallons of muck, mud, debris and heavens know what else,” said Frank Schorn, who captured the videos. “The liquid flowed into a sewer entrance some dozens of yards away. The sewer grate is nearly completely blocked with debris from prior discharges of waste.”

The truck has Jersey plates. The city hired a private carting company to dump that shit.


Anonymous said...

Can you add more comedy to youre articles?? I almost fell asleep trying to read this shitty post...

Anonymous said...

Go raw brother

Anonymous said...

Cesspool pumpouts from the USTA, their drainage rings are overloaded because the water table is to high in Flushing Meadow park.
You cant sink drainage ring fields deep enough
That big shit, all the showers & bathrooms should have never been built without connection to a major sewer line

Anonymous said...

Progresiv liberal mental disease on display!

Just like the environment they don't care about, the people they don't care about, and they are all above the law.

Vision Zero on display:

NYC bicyclists are killing pedestrians and the city won’t stop it....

Scumbag Bozo, lowers the speed limit to 25 mph so his contractor friends can set up speed cameras and rob and rape the unsuspecting public.

Same shit with his global warming non-sense, environmental concerns when his own Parks Dept. is using the parks as dumping grounds.
Vote them the hell out already!!!!

Anonymous said...

No surprises here, possums! QUEENS County is the biggest raw sewage plant throughout New York State——and, throughout the UNITED STATES. The only two bureaucracies that smell worse are City Hall and Albany——BOTH ungoverned by sadistic, pathologically traitorous, openly practiced, mentally ill criminal-sociopaths of epic government, humanitarian, ecological, fiscal and spiritual fail——and, the ever languishing public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned!


❝It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty—and, how few by deceit.❞ —Noël Coward

❝There’s simply no polite way to tell people they’ve dedicated their lives to an illusion.❞ —Daniel Dennett

Anonymous said...

Lets vote Diblasio he is a great man, and would be better president.

Anonymous said...

Parts of Kissena Park are like that also but hopefully its not the PARKS DEPT doing it.

Anonymous said...

Heads should roll.

Anonymous said...

The mayor of NYC manages to work 7hrs in August.
Presidential run?
Was he elected to run for President or to run NYC?
But hey, look at the bright side...he is not working, cannot do any damage.

TommyR said...

Gross...local residents should tweet/facebook/email/whatever this to local reps. Ironic b/c it's sandwiched between some of the "nicer" 'hoods of the Borough.

Anonymous said...

No,sorry! Head should roll!

Anonymous said...

You should ask the Parks Queens Commissioner what’s going on. His office is located within that park.

Anonymous said...

But that why dumpster driver man need his ganja weed, to do his job in the most creative artistic fashion! Those dumpings such a work of art, be needing to show in museum! Almost as good as my living room.