Monday, August 19, 2019

Hovels discovered in Lower East Side apartment building

PIX News

It was a 311 call that led city inspectors to this building at 165 Henry St. on the Lower East Side and their disturbing, even shocking, discovery.

The NYC Buildings Department says the owner of one apartment created a new floor between the fourth and fifth floors to rent out nine micro apartments, tiny spaces with ceilings in the apartments between four-and-a-half and six feet from the floor.

In one picture, you see an inspector on his knees almost touching the ceiling.

Tenants in these windowless, tiny, cramped, illegal apartments were being charged up to $600 a month.

“I’m concerned for the safety of the tenants, mostly an immigrant population, Ben Kallos, a NYC Council Member, told PIX11 News. “Part of me thinks this is like the movie 'Being John Malkovich,' back in the 1990s. Then there was this idea of creating a floor in between. But that was fiction and this is a horror story,” he added.

The Buildings Department issued a vacate order for apartment 601 and the apartment right above, 701. You can even see from the outside of the building the many air conditioners and boarded up windows in the two apartments.

de Blasio's D.O.B. office is a joke, But from the mayor's viewpoint, these hovels are a good way to claim that affordable housing is being built.


Anonymous said...

On Google you can see this crap date July 2018 and who knows how long this was going on. you mean, no one hears major construction in an apartment like putting in floors. Face it, crap like this has been going on for decades and the city agencies do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

This is getting KRAZY !

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how many more "hovels" we have throughout NYC It's all about the money

Anonymous said...

We need hovels and freeway crossings for bobcats and coyotes, too!
They will appropriately take care of our politicians and homeless.

TommyR said...

This is not new. Eventually some government will put limits on what can be built in the City, but until then...scummy landlords will do this because people are willing to PAY FOR IT and have no better alternative.

Anonymous said...

Study the work of Henry George

Anonymous said...

Don't you all like the new "Queens" Crap - posts something that has nothing to do with Queens and lets it sit there for days, while the boro has moved on to discuss things like the Pepsi Sign.

(sigh) What is it with this boro? Can't we get anything right?

Anonymous said...

"Crapie" retired and handed off the operation of the Blog.