Saturday, August 24, 2019

de Blasio's D.O.T.'s and D.E.P.'s primitively cheap remedies for potholes and damaged catch basins


 Impunity City

New York is not only famous for being the biggest city in the world (by default, reputation and hype) but it’s also infamous for it’s potholes which manifest from time to time and also notorious for the tardiness to repair them. But decades riding (and at few occasions driving) in this big city of dreams, I don’t think I have ever seen the creative and quarter-assed way Mayor de Blasio’s Department of Transportation has displayed to remediate or even fix these blights on the roads and pavement. Especially with the usage of traffic cones.


 But the de Blasio’s D.O.T.’s shiftlessness is not limited to the lame efforts and solutions to warn citizens of road hazards, it also applies his Department of Environmental Protection for our dilapidated water catch basins. Especially the ones in the perpetually ignored neighborhoods in Southeast Queens.



Anonymous said...

All they do is dump tar in the hole and 2 weeks later it sinks again and they come back and dump some more tar in there.

This is happening all over the city and shows no attention is being paid to maintaining the infrastructure. The only way this will get addressed is if it happens in one of the holy bike lanes.

JQ LLC said...

Let me tell you something Anon, the majority of partitioned bike lanes are in horrid condition and even have potholes too.

Anonymous said...

You think that maybe the people in the area of that catch basin can clean the trash? For the contractor to repair that, Sanitation would have to come, clean up, call the contractor, reschedule, by then the trash is back

Anonymous said...

I've personally seen the "repairs" done by city crews. It's obvious that they were hired because somebody knew somebody else's brother in law and shunted the business to them. Not because they were competent or honest. It's just like Anon says--they just dump tar in holes and it sinks within days. I watched a crew repair a large area of rippled asphalt, which presented quite a driving hazard. The next day, it had started to sink. I put in a complaint. Finally, an actual competent crew came out and did a professional job, which has stayed firm and level for 2 years now. The number of potholes and other road defects has greatly increased in the past few years.

What are they doing with the money meant for road repairs? Shunting it to Chirlane's gay causes under the table, or squirreling it away for Comrade Bill's hilariously stinking presidential campaign, like our $850M that done disappeared?

Anonymous said...

For the contractor to repair that, Sanitation would have to come, clean up, call the contractor, reschedule, by then the trash is back

Sounds like the perfect union setup. AKA ripping the taxpayers off.

Anonymous said...

These catch basins should all be cleaned every year. Most are ignored until someone calls and they appear about a month or two later. I saw one cleaned were thousands of plastic bags were pulled out.

Anonymous said...

The skull of a politician is ideal for filling potholes or sinkholes because it keeps growing.

Anonymous said...

Politicians! Ever-growing egos.