Friday, August 2, 2019

Lead is still a persistent problem in Queens public schools

Jackson Heights Post

Classrooms in nearly 50 different elementary schools in Queens tested positive for lead, according to new data released by the Department of Education Wednesday night.

Inspectors hired by the DOE found lead-based paint in 48 borough schools where children below the age of six study, according to the data. Many of the schools have multiple classrooms where peeling lead paint was found.

 In total, the department inspected 797 school buildings across the city built prior to 1985 that house students younger than six years old. More than a third of the pre-K and kindergarten buildings, 302 schools, tested positive for lead, according to Chalkbeat.

Deteriorating lead paint is especially dangerous to young children who may breathe in lead dust or swallow paint chips. According to the CDC, lead poisoning can cause damage to the brain and nervous system, learning and behavioral problems, slowed growth and development and hearing and/or speech issues.


Anonymous said...

we don't care about the lead poison. we just want to make sure it poisons people equally.

Anonymous said...

These are kids poisoned you scum. Seems like you people like to bitch about development but nobody cares if kids get permanent brain damage. Barely any comments here compared to diblasios articles which usually get 20 comments. All you are just cocksuckers

Anonymous said...

The British mined lead in New England to make paint opaque and white. Now they use titanium.
When the asbestos mines were discovered in Vermont in the 1920s they began using asbestos instead of horse hair or straw to keep plaster from cracking.

Anonymous said...

Hazmat always get worse when old because they fray and splatter.

Anonymous said...

Just don't drink from pewter.
Oh, I forgot that's ok because it's quaint.
Never mind the led there.