Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Desperate times call for desperate measures

So this guy Derek Evers is elected to office as a Democratic district leader, and also was appointed to the local community board by Donovan Richards (which may be a no-no as per the city charter), yet he conveniently neglected to mention he's also Juan Ardila's paid campaign manager...

Prior to reading his ridiculous screed against Ardila's opponent, here's a partial fact check:

- The contentious homeless shelter in the 2017 race was located in a Maspeth hotel. It's gone now.
- Holden was never chair of the community board. If he was, that would be displayed prominently on his campaign material, no?
- The HCQ thing links to an article where Cuomo pleads for it, not Trump.
- There's a screenshot of an undated Facebook post with a blurred out name purported to be from Holden's Deputy Chief of Staff that shows a pro-Trump rally but doesn't show the breach of the Capitol or praise of same. Kinda stalkerish to be snooping on a staff member's Facebook page regardless.
- Chokeholds have been banned by the NYPD patrol guide for decades and the legislation in question was not to make them legal.
- Not sure what Holden's age has to do with anything unless the Ardila campaign is ageist along with everything else (likely).
- By his own measure he's failing on graffiti? Or is it more like police aren't making graffiti arrests because the DAs are declining to prosecute and the judges are dismissing the charges now in New Woke City?
- How can 40% of the district be Latino and also be gerrymandered?
- People of all races hate those loud car speaker/biker/ATV assholes and besides that they are dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, but it's good to know the Ardila campaign is in favor of them. (This position seems to be against the progressive doctrine to oppose motorized vehicles at all times. I guess there are exceptions.)

Now go ahead and have a good laugh:

Dear Democratic leaders of Queens,

I’m tired.

I’m tired of living in a District run by an angry man who uses his votes and his rhetoric and his relationship with the press to divide and separate our wonderful community. 

Robert Holden does not represent District 30 in a manner befitting of any elected role, regardless of what political party he wants to align with. At his core, he’s a divider who preys on people’s fears to create a “path to victory” in local elections. 

Of course, this is nothing new. This is what Robert Holden does.

He did it in his 2017 race against Elizabeth Crowley, drumming up hatred for a homeless shelter that was inevitably still built after he was elected. Yet, despite his own failures to stop construction or to address the homeless crisis in his district, he continues to lean into it with hate-filled rhetoric, saying things like the men who live there “will never assimilate into the neighborhood, they'll never blend in." 

Even as far back as his days as chair of the Community Board there are stories of people being scared to run against him because they knew the Juniper Berry would smear them if they tried.

And now that he’s running for re-election he’s going to try to pull the same Trump-like “divide and conquer” strategy. So I implore you, do not look at the Robert Holden who is running for re-election, look at his voting record to see what kind of man he really is.

Robert Holden wasn’t running for re-election when he voted against a bill that would prohibit employment discrimination based on an individual’s sexual and reproductive health decisions. 

Or when he voted against a bill that would allow individuals to change their sex designation on their birth certificate to conform with their gender identity. 

Or when he voted against a bill that would establish diversity working groups in each community school district. 

Or when he appeared on FOX News to say NYC should not be a sanctuary city.

Or when he voted against creating an Office of Diversity and Inclusion within the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. 

Or when he voted against an order that would replace the word “alien” with “noncitizen” in the City Charter. 

Or when he introduced a bill that would re-allow the police to use a chokehold like the one that killed Eric Garner. 

Or when he quit the Immigration Committee because he thinks ICE agents should be allowed in New York state courthouses without warrants

Or when he parroted Trump’s call to use the anti-Malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID patients. 

Or when he remained silent as his Deputy Chief Of Staff praised the Jan 6th insurrection on Facebook, calling it “beautiful” and ending it with “Donald Trump I will fly your flag everyday no matter what”.

Then of course there’s the veiled racism in a district that is nearly 40% Hispanic but gerrymandered so heavily that the Latino portions of our district are under-represented. It’s no coincidence that he continues to target loud music in the park, young men of color who congregate with their cars in park parking lots, or boys of color who ride their bikes in groups.

He’s been on the graffiti task force for 20 years and yet, by his own measure, he’s either failing or repeatedly brings it up as just another dog whistle. And despite the reputation of having one of the best school districts in the city, we have a dismal SHSAT record of racial disparity and zero dual-language programs for public elementary schools that are 70% Latino. 

I am a middle-aged man and Robert Holden is older than my father. I would say he should know better, but this is who he is. This is who he has always been.

So I implore you, as fellow Democrats, please do not buy into his words and heed the warnings of his actions. If you don’t have the bravery to stand up to his hate-filled record of divisiveness, then do what our parents told us to do when faced with a bully — ignore him and try not to engage. 

This is not the leader our community wants or needs. I hope you remember that when you speak to your friends and neighbors, and most importantly, when you head to the polls.

Thank you

Derek J. Evers
Democratic District Leader, AD37B


JQ LLC said...

The critical mass effort by the progressive, sorry fauxgressive caucus of officials and influencer allies to get this charlatan elected is disturbing. Sure shows that for a bunch of enlightened folk, they are just as prone to sleazy machine politicking

Anonymous said...

Yes, and Mystery Man Mike is not a party hack but a 'woke' liberal whose interest is not developers and the boys in the back room but the hard left and the AOC crowd. It's true! Really!

Anonymous said...

Retweeting the Ridgewood Tenants Union? Oof. The leader of that "group" just did a podcast where she said her thing was yelling obscenities at random white people on Myrtle Ave.

Anonymous said...

And the scumbag Derek is a carpetbagger from Buffalo...

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Holden's positions are pretty mainstream.

Anonymous said...


This guy really likes to talk about his penis

Anonymous said...

Oh boy.. another horned up Progressive


As you know, Derek Evers is the fearless leader of Impose, but did you know that he's addicted to great northern delicacy ginger ale? Or that he loves to stare at his own penis? Or bangs marsupials in the pouch? Of course you do, because we've been sleeping with Impose for months, so the time was right to ask Derek to slip into the sheets to discuss music, golf, sex, and of course, sex. If you're into this eclectic mix of fluids, we highly recommend following Derek on twitter.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds to me like Holden's positions are pretty mainstream" Yes they do !

Anonymous said...

Holden is a Queens Pol that actually does his job, he reflects the positions of the majority of his constituency.

Maspeth resident said...

Hispanics can't be racist? Give me a break. Many Hispanics, once they get more power and wealth will become just like the Irish & Italians of yore. Many Hispanics don't like Blacks either.

Anonymous said...

Some of these candidates, especially on the city council side of things, are really off the wall

Anonymous said...

“ Many Hispanics, once they get more power and wealth will become just like the Irish & Italians of yore. Many Hispanics don't like Blacks either.”

Like Juan Ardila?

Anonymous said...

>I'm tired

How come SJW types constantly say that? We're tired of them but they never let up, all while insisting they're the ones that are 'tired'.

Retweeting the Ridgewood Tenants Union? Oof. The leader of that "group" just did a podcast where she said her thing was yelling obscenities at random white people on Myrtle Ave.

Link please, I want to hear this for myself.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go! Life Harvester Radio

Some other choice tidbits: Glendale, Ridgewood, etc is full of single family zoning (it isn't) and single family zoning is where white supremacists who are opposed to homeless shelters live. Also, the local community board is full of descendants of actual WWII Nazis (it isn't). Your brain may turn into tapioca after listening to this. You've been warned.

Anonymous said...

I was watching a QPTV program about Astoria and they had a tape pushing Rama Abdelhamid, headscarf and all, daughter of an Egyptian immigrant whose on bio note was that he had a failed store on Broadway in Astoria. She was interviewed as a potential for Congress.

Why would she be good for the community when we have to put up with the smug Jimmy, Mike, and all the others that have done squat for us?

This is what you get when the locals understand nothing about what is expected about them to engage in politics or the people in public office over them that impacts their lives. That being said, they can get into a long discourse on the best gyro or pizza.

Anonymous said...

Rana Abdelhamid blocks and deletes people who disagree with her narrow worldview. She only wants people to know the narrative she puts out there and nothing more. Progressives who supported Lauren Ashcraft last year don't even like her.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Made the mistake of listening to that Raquel woman and I agree with her friends, she does need therapy. I was particularly appalled at her spewing racist nonsense at and about her neighbors while simultaneously calling them out for what she perceives as racism. How does she recruit followers? Are they all as looney tunes as she is? Or just suffering from white guilt, in which case, why the hell don't they just stay home in NJ, MA or wherever these transplants come from and stop perpetuating the problem?

Anonymous said...

I heard his wife is a Developer

Anonymous said...

I just noticed this on Derek Evers Twitter page:

"This account owner limits who can view their Tweets." Caught with his pants down and his almost muy famoso dick out?

I predict Derek Evers will either resign from CB5 or get ejected...