Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Cuomo: Don't kill Nonna, get vaccinated



 NY Post

Now he cares about the elderly catching COVID-19.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo — whose administration infamously ordered the state’s nursing homes to accept coronavirus-stricken patients at the height of the pandemic last year — tried to guilt young people Monday into getting vaccinated by warning they could kill their grandparents if they don’t.

“There is an attitude that they’ll be fine, why should they take the vaccine?” the governor said at a press briefing, referring to young people.

“My argument is, yeah, maybe you’ll be fine, and by the way, you don’t know that either,’’ the governor said. “Maybe you will get a long-haul syndrome that we’re not really be sure what it is yet but a lingering consequence of COVID.

“Or maybe you’ll go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother. So show some civic responsibility,’’ Cuomo said.

His comments come just over a year after the state Health Department’s controversial edict that sent nursing home residents who tested positive for the virus back to the facilities — even though the elderly are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

A February analysis of data by the nonprofit Empire Center for Public Policy found that “several hundred and possibly more than 1,000” fatalities from the virus in nursing homes in the state could be tied to the policy — despite the Cuomo administration insisting it was not a “significant factor” in the toll. 

Cuomo and his aides are accused of then withholding the true number of nursing home residents who died from COVID-19 by excluding those who ultimately passed away in hospitals — a scandal that is now at the center of state and federal probes.


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Thanks for correcting my very rusty Italian.

georgetheatheist said...

Sempre un piacere.

BoredWithFascists said...

I see the Queens Trumpanzees are still blaming the governor, to divert attention from the most incompetent corrupt 4 years in presidential history. While Cumo may be an asshole, he is at least semi competent compared to his Trumpanzee equivalents around the country. Last time I checked, he wasn’t president last year.

Anonymous said...

So show some civic responsibility and resign you big Testa di minchia !

Anonymous said...

This guy is strunz in the head !

Anonymous said...

So tired of him and his brother Fredo spreading BS !

JQ LLC said...

@Bored re:Trumpanzee

I blame the governor too, as well as the stalwart democrat official Ron Kim and the surprisingly diligent Tish James, many Democrats blame Mario's Son too including the predictably tardy Mayor Big Slow de Blasio (who didn't even say a peep or had his suspicion aroused a tiny bit when trailers were piling up bodies on the streets in his home borough of Brooklyn) am I and those mentioned Trumpanzees also?

As for his semi-competence with the pandemic response, that's a joke. Back then and even now with the lifting of restrictions, the governor machinated the pandemic guidelines when it was expedient for him or and the nursing home data when he wanted material for his fucking book.

And stop blaming Trump for chrissakes, he has been outta office for 4 months now and Biden was practically gifted a swift vaccine distribution program. Meanwhile, President not Trump is still letting Cuomo lead the National Governors Board for the national pandemic response and vaccine rollout (and he would have been gone a while ago if Cuomo and DeRosa didn't lie to the feds about the nursing home data too).

You gots to chill, Bored.

Anonymous said...

@Bored Lay off the 420 bud your brain is F-upped !
The IRS needs to investigate BLM.

Anonymous said...

All claims about POTUS45 are now proven purely partisan.
Trump was for American citizens and he proved it. Biden acts like he's the president of Mexico and China and his actions show it.

Anonymous said...

ALAS, Fredo CUOMIGULA already (and ironically) KILLED Nonna, with impunity (his 'big bucks' book deal was too insidious a priority to pass up)! How this mangy sewer rat remains relevant with his dynastic family government hacking birthright is a grand mystery. Fire his ass and lock him up in a cell next to his pals, Shelly and Dean, forthwith. All three dirty henchmen devalue honesty itself! It's why the residents of New York State have fled, EN MASS, to Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and elsewhere. The politically ravaged State of New York is more lethal than nuclear proliferation!

Anonymous said...

The VAXX does NOT prevent transmission, whether you get vaccinated or not has zero impact on whether granny gets the bug or not.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH: Sleazy Shelly Silver was just released from Club FED, after only serving LESS than a year when his sentence was to serve a minimum of six years! There is no hope for a permanent lockdown for Sonny Cuomo, if they can release a criminally insane sleazebag like Silver after only serving a fraction of his not to stiff sentence, then your vote doesn't count, peasants - it never DID (STOP VOTING - it DOESN'T WORK)!

Anonymous said...

CUOMIGULA is a blowhard and needs to be removed from office !