Friday, July 29, 2016

Woman insists she is legal guardian for 25 kids

From the Queens Chronicle:

Shu-Jing Cao, the legal guardian of the group of children that lives at her home at 202-12 32 Ave. in Bayside, says they are well taken-care-of.

“They call me mother,” she said. “I treat them like my own children.”

When asked, Cao did not confirm or deny that 25 children are living at the house, an allegation raised by a civic activist concerned about conditions there and their impact on the neighborhood. But there are two other adults at the property, she said, who also look after the children.

The children attend schools in District 26, one of the best and most overcrowded districts in the entire city.

“They are innocent children,” she said. “They have a right to have education in America ... They’re safe.”

Although the city has not taken any legal action against the house, land use expert Paul Graziano doubts that Cao could be the legal guardian for all the kids living there if there actually are 25.

“No way she’s guardian of 25 kids,” Graziano said in an emailed statement. “The city wouldn’t allow it.”

The land use expert also says that it would not be legal for such a number of people to be living together in the same home.

“Three unrelated persons are allowed in each unit, children or otherwise,” he added. Although the building has two units according to its most recent Certificate of Occupancy, if 25 kids are there, more than three unrelated persons would have to be living in at least one unit. “Otherwise, they would have to get a specific Certificate of Occupancy — which they couldn’t get in a 1- or 2-family zone to begin with, like an R3X zone where this house is located — that would allow them to run a business or charity taking in multiple children for residency.”


Anonymous said...

They would sue the city and win if a fire broke out with mass casualties because no one enforced the zoning laws.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a day care center to me.

But hey look at the bright side, at least is not a bordello.

Anonymous said...

This is how the Chinese are taking over Queens. Anchor babies, whether they personally gave birth to them or not. Everywhere you look now---Bayside, Kew Gardens Hills, Forest Hills--you see Chinese faces you never saw before. This is how.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this country is ridiculous.

quickly on its way to 4th world status.

"these children deserve a right to an education in America". I guess, based on the law.

So my property taxes go up to take care of the 4th world refuge.


What are we going to do when the next recession hits?

It's coming !!!

Prepare now.

Get out of urban populations.

If only we just ended the Federal Reserve.


Anonymous said...

She thinks this is China. The way it's starting to look though, I would say it is too.

Anonymous said...

"Forget it Crappie, it's Chinatown".

Where they are from, 25 to a house is pretty spacious.

Anonymous said...

No new news, this is happening all over Bayside now. Recently as far east as Steamboat road in Great Neck. The Chinese value education and have no choice but to do this so their kids can go to the better schools.

Schools in Queens have become overcrowded zoo's where most the children are to feral & disruptive for a class to learn anything. AND WORSE --Now we are seeing adult 16 year old Syrians built like football players (some with full religious beards) being placed in 3rd & 4th grade.
They immediately start attacking all the boys & teachers and go after 12-16 year old girls (even follow them home and in some cases threaten parents)
The DOE is telling teachers and employee's "dont talk about it" but the problem is becoming to widespread to keep a lid on.
Big BIG trouble is coming.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's a nefarious attempt by some parents to get their kids into (better) District 26 schools. I bet some of them actually live in Flushing and Elmhurst.

Anonymous said...

Is there some sort of maximum number of kids you can be a legal guardian for?

Anonymous said...

If you had that many dogs or cats in the house the authorities would lock you up for cruelty or abuse.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it's pretty clear she's breaking the law...a number of ways. 1 - She can't possibly be the guardian for 25 kids. 2 - She's making money which I can guarantee she isn't paying taxes on. 3 - There's not a chance she watching them and keeping them safe while at home nor is she helping any of the kids with their studies.

This is a shady deal and the city needs to look into it...this is why the schools are overcrowded here...

ron s said...

Isn't this screaming out for a combined raid by Children's Services, DOB, Immigration, and multiple other city, state and federal agencies? How many red flags do you need to act?

Anonymous said...

Mother Goose fantasy !!

Anonymous said...

They are called "Parachute Kids" ! Look it up...

Julie B. said...

What documentation does she use to enroll these children in school? The school doesn't question it? YOu used to have to provide a utility bill to prove residence. Does she have legal guardianship papers? NObody blows the whistle, it's just a free for all. What is the limit? When does city, state & federal government just say no? I know, I'm answering my own question.

Anonymous said...

AND WORSE --Now we are seeing adult 16 year old Syrians built like football players (some with full religious beards) being placed in 3rd & 4th grade.

Yep. Sounds like the same crap the powers to be are pulling in Western Europe.
With the economies crashing, they need a major distraction which also gives them an opportunity to curb the rights of the local population and arm and create special police/guard units in case people really get upset with their monies gone from retirement funds, bank accounts and 401K-s.
So obvious, so blatant, so in your face.

Anonymous said...

Call child abuse,it's your duty to protect the children aND the law

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for years, nothing new here. Asians want to go to school in district 26 and they use whatever address they can. Parents in china send their children here to live with strangers so they can get an education. It should be illegal because it is using a false address, but the city doesn't care and won't say a word to the Chinese.

Look what happened a few years ago in district 26 when they wanted to test kids in middle school again for the gifted program. The Asians threw a fit and said they had moved here to get into the gifted program (after they tested in another district) and would be shamed. There was not enough space at the best schools for kids already in the district that passed the gifted test and they were denied entrance, yet Asians who didn't even live here when they tested somehow managed to get in and then stay in even though the tests showed they weren't gifted at the middle school level. Asians work the system and we are too politically correct to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

"There once was a lady who lived in a shoe. She had so many children....." Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Joe Moretti said...

This of course is total is this untrue statement by anonymnous:

"Schools in Queens have become overcrowded zoo's where most the children are to feral & disruptive for a class to learn anything. AND WORSE --Now we are seeing adult 16 year old Syrians built like football players (some with full religious beards) being placed in 3rd & 4th grade.
They immediately start attacking all the boys & teachers and go after 12-16 year old girls (even follow them home and in some cases threaten parents?".

This is completely FALSE. Sounds like something Donald Trump would say, maybe that is where you heard it and of course Donald heard it from "they".

Come on folks, can we have at least some truth and facts to back it up.

Anonymous said...

"The city wouldn't allow it".
What if the city looks the other way as it often does.
Wait a minute...children are involved and there is a fire code, thanks be!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should vote for Donald Trump.
Liberal Democrats look at these anchor babies, etc. as grist for their mill...future voters.
At least The Donald is telling the truth about this kind of stuff.
To many years of liberal neglect has made America shopworn.

Anonymous said...

Votes for Trump are votes against lethargic, crooked liberal politicians who are making their money in a politically correct manner by pandering to the 3rd world.
Who else but an uneducated 3rd worlder would vote Democrat?
This has become the party of the 3rd world people.

Anonymous said...

Oh....but we must not offend the Asians because they have driven out the "colored" people who "threatened" Flushing.
They have also driven up the price of its real estate astronomically, well beyond its real worth.
But that is OK with the local pols.
This kept tge Blacks and Latinos out of the game.
See how "subtle" social engineering may be applied.

Anonymous said...

Yep....soon the Flushing Creek will be the Yangtzee River.

JQ LLC said...

Not only is this ridiculous and criminal, but this has the similarity of the opening scenes in Oliver! and Annie.

I'm pretty sure also this type of illicit crap has been going on for years, but with the almost anarchic type climate going on in city hall and city council, this is going overboard. Too many lowlifes taking advantage of social services these days. It's going to ruin it for other desperate people. Like the 60,000 homeless we have now.

But it's china, and they are spending tons of dough investing and building here. Buying visas for a half a million helps too.

And as our benevolent fucking mayor has shown. Pay to play is standard procedure and practically legal in this city. There is widespread culture of cheating that has been cultivated and has now been fully implemented in the way business is done.

This city has been sold. Newfield and Barrett tried to warn us 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

If local elected officials complain about immigration issues they will pay the consequences.
So they keep quiet and let us (We The People) foot the bill and get stuck with all kinds of third world refugees from around the world. We are being destroyed from the enemies within !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Okay so it's right. She's a parachute kids factory. NONE of them are related to her.
This is a business for this woman. She probably doesn't own the house either.

Anonymous said...

The teenagers are all “parachute kids”.

“They’re sent here by their parents to study high school in the US with hopes of getting into a US college,” says Chang. “But the parents don’t come along with them. They stay in private homes that are kind of like boarding houses.”

Anonymous said...

Is this possible violation of nyc local housing zoning laws, a result of Fed.Dem.Gov."FORCED IMMIGRATION" policy? Is it the failure of Fed.Gov(D.H.S./U.S.C.I.S. to enforce U.S.Visa Waiver Overstays in Cong.Dist.#6(SEN.Schumer/Cong.Meng ?
Who are the P.S.159,I.S.25,MS158 pupils that are RENTERS @ 202-12 32Ave.?What nationor state did they & their parents come from originally?I am guessing NORWAY!
Are they illegal aliens,Unaccompanied alien children,refugees or visa overstays ?
According to Sen. Judiciary Chmn.C.Grassley vs Jeh Johnson,D.H.S.Dir. 6/30/16,this immigration status are not protected by U>S Privacy laws.
One seat in nyc p.s.'s cost taxpayers $20,000 per yr. Local civic parents state that their pupil was rejected for local enrollment?

Is the law being broken or purposely unenforced
Why are PAID nyc Dept.of Ed.,local,state,fed. pols. silent for at least two years?
Civic Pres.Spencer is an UNPAID CITIZEN PATRIOT(taxation without representation). Why aren't the PAID POLS protecting patriots/the taxpayers property values & p.s zoning law

I.R.S./NYS Taxation Enforcement "LOCK THEM UP "

Anonymous said...

Bet none of the 25 kids pay a copayment or deductible when / if they go to the pediatrician either.

Anonymous said...

@Joe Moretti

Feel free to vote for the Dixie Mafia criminal. But don't you complain when the migrants end up raping your wife and daughter just like in Europe.
The DNC whore took $25 million from Soros the main culprit behind the European chaos.
And if you ride the trains you can see these lovely bearded thugs.
You are off pal big, time for a reality check.
Otherwise you have no right to complain!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Graziano, read the Codes... Per the Housing Maintenance Code:

4. A family is:
(a) A single person occupying a dwelling unit and maintaining a common household with not more than two boarders, roomers or lodgers; or
(b) Two or more persons related by blood, adoption, legal guardianship, marriage or domestic partnership; occupying a dwelling unit and maintaining a common household with not more than two boarders, roomers or lodgers; or(c) Not more than three unrelated persons occupying a dwelling unit and maintaining a common household; or
(d) Not more than three unrelated persons occupying a dwelling unit in a congregate housing or shared living arrangement and maintaining a common household; or
(e) Members of a group home; or
(f) Foster children placed in accordance with provisions of the New York state social services law, their foster parents, and other persons related to the foster parents by blood, marriage or domestic partnership; where all residents occupy and maintain a common household with not more than two boarders, roomers or lodgers; or

Queens Crapper said...

Yeah, maybe you should re-read this post. This woman surely is not a legal guardian to 25 kids and has presented no proof that she is. Therefore, it is illegal and everything Paul said is correct. The question is who is going to force DOB to do something about it?

JQ LLC said...

This is a ersatz or quasi boarding house. And it's only natural when the city is being governed by sociopaths from Albany to Park Row and with disturbing blatant impunity. This house needs to be investigated from top to bottom. I think that the proud parents of these tax burdens on the citizenry might be involved with various LLC's contributing to local electeds superpacs, 501 4 c's, or using condos as safety deposit boxes.

Parachutes? more like cluster bomb kids.

Anonymous said...

>AND WORSE --Now we are seeing adult 16 year old Syrians built like football players (some with full religious beards) being placed in 3rd & 4th grade.
>This is completely FALSE.

That's happening in Europe, not here. Here was still arrest migrants for crimes instead of covering it up.

Anonymous said...

Wrong! Illegal immigrants are NOT entitled to an education in the USA. They are NOT even entitled to live here.

AMERICAN CITIZENS are entitled to have our laws enforced-
DEPORT NOW and stop the bull shit!

Anonymous said...

I"d love to know if there has been any follow-up on this story. Crappy?

Anonymous said...

Hi Crappy, Here's a link to the Legal Guardian Form the DOE offers. With three adults living in this home, they each are saying they are responsible for 7-8 kids, right? Isn't there a way to investigate this? I know there are privacy laws, but I'm wondering if a FOIL request can be done on this. Just an idea.