Friday, July 22, 2016

Yet another stadium planned for Queens

From Bloomberg:

The New York Islanders are in talks with the owners of baseball’s New York Mets about building a hockey arena adjacent to Citi Field in Queens, people with knowledge of the discussions said.

Willets Point is emerging as a persuasive alternative to the team’s current home at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center if the Islanders’s owners and arena officials can’t agree on a series of hockey-specific improvements, said the people, who asked for anonymity because the negotiations are private.

The team’s first season at Barclays Center, which is owned by Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, was marred by poor reviews from fans, who complained about obstructed view seats, and from players, who who said the quality of the ice was sub-par. The team’s owners also realized they couldn’t make as much money as their league counterparts, most of which play in bigger arenas.

The Islanders, who are owned by Value Retail Plc founder Scott Malkin and Jonathan Ledecky, and Sterling Equities, which owns the Mets, have been discussing a possible move to Queens for months, said the people.

What about those ramps? Affordable housing? Hmmm...


ron s said...

The attack on FMCP by the thug "builders" never ends.

Gary the Agnostic said...


JQ LLC said...

"A new york city team is more valuable than a nassau county team"

Tell that to Billy Smith, Brian Trottier, Mike Bossy, and Dennis Potvin. They would have won 5 if it wasn't for some young punk named Gretsky. (this is from a Rangers fan)

Really who was that predatory equity firm worshipping tool in that interview?

Anyway, here we go again. Another sports arena proposal to suck up tax dollars. The fucked up thing is that these assholes might get it, since Katz is just obsessed with turning Flushing Meadows into some corporate playground and the alleged return to Nassau is getting dicey thanks to that creep Ratner.

The Islanders do need to get out of that libor fixing sponsored copper toilet, for the people who run that arena are idiots, and it's obvious that no one in goddamn brooklyn likes hockey and attendance was small. But they belong in Long Island, hence their name. The Islanders in brooklyn makes as much sense as the Cardinals in Arizona, and the Jazz in Utah.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again...more congestion added to the world famous bottleneck of traffic congestion.
Half of China fills the #7 train beyond full capacity. The twisted vehicular roadways are overflowing. WTF do these REBNY suck upolitocians want...our blood next? Fire these vampires at the polls.

Anonymous said...

"Ms. Perlmutter is a partner in the land use practice group at the law firm Bryan Cave LLP, where she helps shepherd clients through the city’s zoning and land uses processes, including the types of appeals she’ll soon oversee..."

Anonymous said...

and there goes more parkland!

(sarc) said...

If you build it they will come...

Anonymous said...

Why not let them build the hockey rink? Then the city could lease the remainder of the park to Disney and let them construct another Disney World.

There would be plenty of low paying part time service jobs and IT positions that could be held by foreigners with HB1 visas. Tourists would flock to the park while NYC residents couldn't afford entry. At least Times Square would be done with all the costumed characters harassing the public.

Also little kids wouldn't be eaten by alligators however whole families would be attacked, robbed and shot by street gangs who'd infect the perimeter.

Even a name change, "Disney World at World's Fair Park". Flushing Meadows Corona would be lost to history. Considering the park is currently lost to the parks department and most politicians, Mickey and Minnie ain't that bad and would probably be better than the rest of the cartoon characters who run this burg.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is on Long Island. Nassau was once part of Queens. I can appreciate the difference between Brooklyn and Nassau; I'm just citing geography.

Anonymous said...

Enough already with that park. Its a park, that's it. Its not open land to build shopping malls and endless sports arenas. Go build it in Central Park and leave Queens parks alone.

Anonymous said...

Trump Arena?

Anonymous said...

So they tore down a vibrant part of Brooklyn to build the Barclay's Center, but it's not enough, so now they're going to try and destroy Willets Point, again?

Anonymous said...

Why can't we build a stadium like the Seattle sky needle? It would have this really skinny structure going up 100 stories and then the stadium would sit on top. It could also rotate which would be cool.

kapimap said...

No room for the islanders! Go build a stadium in nassau county, hello! Matter of fact, build it at jones beach.

(sarc) said...

Hello Anon,

For the City of New York to properly build a Trump Arena, there is a process.

First the city would need to contract designs.
Have numerous outreach programs with the public and tally their votes and input on the "best" design.
Then the City will choose an entirely different design out of left field that has the greatest costs & downsides with none of the Communities' or public's recommendations.
The contract goes out for bid.
Then the appropriation process of our tax moneys and getting the project into the budget.
When it starts some years later, all costs have gone up.
The multiple contractors have no coordination and work against one another.
Politicians and bureaucrats are involved, so endless changes are made driving up costs.
Many more years go by, and the project is a disaster, no where near finished costing more than double the original budgeted amount.
Donald J Trump, after finishing eight years of his presidency, and relaxing and recovering from his great hard work in political office down in Mar-a-Lago, he must come out of retirement to fix the failing Ice Arena mess for his hometown.
Mister Trump of course has experience building walls, and also fixing and building Ice Rinks in New York City.
The existing half finished mess is bulldozed in few days, and his well coordinated crews start working. Within six months a brand new Arena rises up and is complete.
Naturally it is ahead of schedule and under budget.
At the grand opening of the Arena, it is memorialized and named after the 45th President of The United States, Donald John Trump.

Of course during this time the NY Islanders have moved back to Long Island in an Arena in Suffolk with no intention of ever moving back to Queens. The Beautiful new Arena Will have no teams or purpose. It will just continue to cost the City money.

If you do not learn history, you will be dammed to repeat it.

Look up the history and story of the Wollman Rink...

Anonymous said...

This is most likely a bluff to get Barclay's to give in on some issue.

Anonymous said...

Ebbets Field was torn down long ago to build "affordable housing" .....AKA......the projects...low income projects!
That was the beginning of the end of Brooklyn as a safe borough to live in. It took decades of course correction and gentrification to bring it back. All we need in Flushing is more drunken bleecher creatures crowding public transportation on their way home from the games.

Anonymous said...

How much money is Peter Koo, and some CB7 land use folks getting from this?
Chuck Apelian leeds a nice cushy life and DM Marilyn Bitterman gets paid about $95,000 to do what?

Anonymous said...

Uh...let's be a little fair here.
Speaking of fairs.....the great Corona ash dump, which accepted trash from Brooklyn, was the site of two worlds fairs. We may call it FMCP but it never was a park. This is left over contaminated fair grounds used by a population that is under civilized.
Vote for Trump!

Anonymous said...

Nobody bitched when this was the site of two highly dense world's fairs. The previous commentor is correct.
This is its destiny. This IS NOT a Central Park. Queens's premiere park is Forest Park.

Anonymous said...

They should have stayed in long island if this is the case.

Anonymous said...

We'd better of if Falasheng City, the mecca of gambling, bordellos and cheap goods was built here.
Think Atlantic City, enhanced Flushing version of course.
Now we are talking!

kapimap said...

This is a park now, and has been used as one for more than 50 years!

Projects that benefit the park are welcome.

The area of willets point should be used as a real college/university, with a campus ,and athletics fields. There is space for all that, and transportation is already there. Makes too much sense!

Im sure nyu , suny, queens college can use the extra space. Education is key right?