Sunday, July 3, 2016

AirBnB users violate zoning laws

From NY1:

State Senator Tony Avella was joined by members of the Broadway-Flushing Homeowners Association on Friday during a press conference on “illegal home rentals” listed on Airbnb.

Members of the group say that local property owners are illegally renting out their homes to tourists.

They say property owners have listed their homes as potential venues for things like large parties and other events, which violates the single-family home zoning restrictions in some neighborhoods.

The group says they want Airbnb to enforce local zoning laws and take the listings down.


Anonymous said...

The group also wants the city agencies to do the proper enforcement and get these businesses shut down. No Airbnb in Broadway Flushing!

Anonymous said...

Oh really? They didnt see that coming. AirBnB was a bad idea from the start!@

JQ LLC said...

They are a criminal enterprise.

Once again to all the bougees, bobos, and eurotrash wanting to come here but don't want to shell out dough at a proper hotel: if you can't afford to come here, don't fucking come here.

You are just a thought that someone
Somewhere somehow feels you should be here
And it's so for real to touch
To smell, to feel, to know where you are here

Although the reason these home invaders prefer this lodging is so they can spend money they save eating artisan bowls of cereal.

Anonymous said...

And what about bed bugs Ick!

Anonymous said...

AirBnB is getting even worse than the deregulated airline industry itself--overcrowded skies, claustrophobic flights--and, now illegal rentals on the ground in overcrowded neighborhoods. Finally, crooked people are keeping pace with crooked politicians, where both scenarios yield disastrous outcome!

R185 said...

I think the only scenarios that should be legal, are renting a room in your home, (or apartment rental if authorized by the landlord), and renting out an apartment in a two family house that's owner occupied.

Anonymous said...

I know a guy who used Airbnb to travel for work and when he arrived at the apartment the couple gave up their bed for him and they slept on the couch. Naked. Serves him right for being such a cheapskate.

Anonymous said...

How about enforcing income tax laws? It should not be hard in the age of Big Data to correlate listings, owners, and tax returns. Listings found, but no rental income reported by the owner or tenant? We'll fix that, just like we did with Al Capone! I'm surprised they aren't already doing that, since in NYC, it's really all about the payola anyways!

Anonymous said...

Owner occupied and owned should be legal. Long term tenants are a much bigger problem and MUCH higher risk because when a tenant goes bad (and they always do)it near impossible to get them evicted. Once a female or couple gets pregnant or puts a kid in school it takes 3 years of housing court to get them out. Meanwhile they destroy the apartment, renting is very high risks because landlords have no rights according to the liberal judges at NYC housing court.
AirBnB people are HOUSEGUESTS gone in a couple days and can be physically removed without a court order if a problem arises.
AirBnB will also cover your ass if you have a problem.

I personally do not use AirBnB but feel a homeowners should have right to choose who the let in the house---Not some corrupt city or municipality.
Some middle ground should be established.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

AirBnB is being used as a sublet listing device, not a home-share matching device, by an impactful percentage of their users. Although one neighborhood may not be effected very much, on an aggregate basis that usage is impacting city services and so forth. Just because they distribute the damage doesn't make the damage go away.

Anonymous said...

Are all of these home owners declaring the extra income on their taxes? Do their insurance companies know that they have new tenants in/out on a regular basis?