Sunday, July 3, 2016

NYS jobs program craps out

From Forbes: would appear that one of the things that government isn’t very good at is creating jobs. For we’ve got the result of Andrew Cuomo’s lovely jobs and startup plan for New York. Which has created some 408 jobs. To put this in perspective that’s about the number that Walmart employs in the average store. Leading to a modest proposal. Why not stop spending the taxpayers’ money on something that government isn’t very good at and instead just get out of the way and let private sector companies do their stuff?

In fact, in many parts of the country it would actually be simpler to get government to stop doing what it currently does so that Walmart could open a store and employ 400 people.

One of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s most highly promoted economic development initiatives has produced just 408 new jobs across New York State in the past two years, even as the state has spent tens of millions of dollars promoting it, according to a delayed report released on Friday afternoon.

You know when something’s bad news in this trade. Reports that come out on Friday afternoons, especially in the summer, are things that those releasing the report would really prefer no one took much note of. Perhaps by Monday the news caravan will have moved on and no one will really have understood?

There’s also that other little clue when the PR budget is vastly larger than the program budget. This means that this is politics, about burnishing the vote gaining abilities of those proposing the plan rather than actually doing anything about the economy or jobs. We might even think that not taking $175 million off the taxpayers of New York in the first place would create more than 408 jobs.


Joe Moretti said...

When then councilman Leroy Comrie was running for Senator awhile back he had a big page in one of the local rags, stating how he has helpedd to create thousands of jobs. Of course this was a big lie, he did not help create jobs and neither did government, which does not really create jobs (they can help create an environment in which businesses can either excel or expand or just plain fail), but that did not stop Comrie from telling a huge lie, because well, if you say to today, it must be true.

STOP SAYING BULLSHIT, it eventually catches up to you.

kapimap said...

This is no different than the jobs given out for 4 weeks at the USOpen. 4 weeks of jobs!

maybe some constructions workers stay employeed year long to build this useless facility, but once built, its 3-4 weeks of actual work avaliable.

So invest in USOPEN,give parkland away, build highway off ramps, screww queens for 4 weeks of aggravation.

kapimap said...

Someone should review workforce1 .

How many jobs are avaliable paying over $15 per hour?

Run by private contractors!

JQ LLC said...

Mario's son was harping on about the craft beer industry about justifying the law permitting selling and imbibing booze at 10 AM. I wonder if the majority of that pathetic amount of jobs created went to that industry, which would make sense since the qualifications for the exemption counts if it's near college areas.

And if so, then the state are forcing taxpayers to invest and finance a very risky venture.

Anonymous said...

To JQ: Mario's crooked son (like father, like son!), is a NYS SCOURGE that has destroyed too many neighborhoods to name in this post!

Case in point: Remember, if you will, all of the monstrous lies that 'Little Andy' and his sidekick, 'Shithead Addabbo' told in order to FOIST the Racino at Aqueduct onto a community that rejected it with a resounding 'NO?' And, what did THAT debacle accomplish over the span of five years? It totally blighted a neighborhood that couldn't withstand any more blighted 'sweetheard deals' in the first place---and, by a Malaysian billionaire investor, no less, that contributed NOTHING to southeastern Queens (and took the best of everything for themselves).

Now, the Racino is blighted itself---from within. Corruption, parking lot robberies, rampant shootings, horrible, greasy restaurants, vastly underpaid hourly workers, transient, impoverished people (who can't afford to gamble) showing up at all hours of the night to only lose more money that they don't have to lose in the first place---OH, AND THEN THERE IS OUR VERY OWN FROM OZONE PARK--NOTORIOUS, LEGS DIAMOND GAMBLER, COUNCILBOY ERIC ULRICH (whose recent windfall of 12 grand last year was just announced in the Daily News on Saturday, July 2nd! (This rabid slug has time to gamble, while his ignored constituents of minimum wage continue to pay the price of his arrogant ego, and intensely incompetent leadership.) And, now Ulrich (or, rather his city payroll, 'Friends & Family' henchmen!), thinks he could be BOY MAYOR--when he couldn't even clean up local graffiti in his own blighted backyard!

Yep---that's NEW YORK STATE GOVERNMENT for you, alright---a 'KLEPTOCRATIC' BUREAUCRACY that betrays public trust, ethics and integrity like nothing---and, no one else!

Anonymous said...

"Mario's son was harping on about the craft beer industry"

Brewing beer creates a lot of CO2.

Anonymous said...

No surprises. Vote for democrats and this is what you get-- at best, a belief that government is the answer to our problems, and we just need more taxes; at worst-- flat out cynical corruption and graft.