Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Elevator installed without permits kills worker

From DNA Info:

The small business where an employee was crushed to death by an elevator Saturday night was padlocked shut Monday — as officials look into whether the lift was installed illegally.

The shop, La Reguera Dominicana at 552 W. 182 St., where locals shopped for discounted home items and clothes, was ordered closed after Jose Fernandez, 43, was fatally pinned by the supply elevator Saturday night, sources said.

Yellow fire tape and a padlocked chain crisscrossed a fence outside the store and a pair of Buildings Department orders — in English and Spanish — announced that the property had been ordered vacated.

The Department of Buildings, which issued the vacate order, said they had no records of an elevator having been legally installed on the property.


Anonymous said...

DOB does not subscribe to the mantra, if you see something, say something either.

Anonymous said...


Joe Moretti said...

Christ, what fucking third world country is that photo from.............Oh yeah, NYC. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

NYS's DOB is the real killer!
This crooked department has been responsible for MANY deaths in the last four decades.
NYC is a real estate dominated city. It's politicians get their campaign funding from them. The building trades are still mob tied.
We have mafia government in the big apple!
What are its mayors doing about it? Nothing! They are the top mobsters.
Worse...mobster city council members have their fingers in YOUR neighborhoods.
Building inspectors continue to get bribed and there will be many more accidents and deaths due to this rigged system.
The only course is to have a complete federal checkup of NYC's corrupt government.

Anonymous said...

The contractor thought his Donation to DiBlasios Campaign for One NY was his Permit Fee and has the cashed check to prove it

Anonymous said...

When business owners and shady landlords cut corners this is the aftermath.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a law that a business sign must contain some English? This joint does not comply.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of a back street in Santo Domingo.

(sarc) said...

Why are we trashing a government agency, Department of Buildings?

This idea that we must always have something to blame that has entered our society is destructive.

And must the government be the source for every problem in the universe?

There seems to be no more personal responsibility.

The root cause SEEMS to be a somewhat faulty elevator.

We are immediately blaming the government, for what?
Not being aware of an unknown situation.

Is there no more presumption of innocence until facts are presented to a jury of peers?

If the elevator in question was illegally installed then the owner and/or tenant should be charged with negligent homicide.

If an employee tampered and bypassed safeties then charge him as well.

Let us look to the root cause.

I am sure too many here want a government solution, just what we need another law.
The politicians will have something to bloviate about, at their reelection events, trying to justify their useless and miserable existence.

May God bless and keep the soul of the departed, and may his family somehow find comfort...

Anonymous said...

I blame the union for the DOB workers on this. Wait? DOB? HPD? we're illegal immigrants the law doesn't apply to us. It's only for the stupid Americans.

I blame the Caribbean heavy, lack of real diversity DOB

Anonymous said...

DOB is certainly the problem, "Sarc".
Stop kissing their ass! Unless you work for them and it is a job requirement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sarc...the department of investigation, a part of NYC government had no problem arresting many crooked DOB inspectors over the years. Government is made up of departments and that is where you find your crooks. They hide like cockroaches in the departments. Here we have some major DOB roaches still hiding in the dark corners. Wake up. Get a clue.