Saturday, July 23, 2016

Someone's dumping tires along the Clearview

From the Times Ledger:

Stacks of abandoned tires have been seen littering the side of the highway around 73rd Avenue and Clearview Expressway in recent months.

The Department of Transportation, which believes this is the work of one outfit dumping entire truckloads at once, has been regularly required to haul the garbage away. The city agency has been quick to remove the tires, diligence which was praised by City Councilman Barry Grodenchik (D-Oakland Gardens) and state Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Fresh Meadows) at a Tuesday news conference.

“The area alongside the Clearview Expressway is protected parkland, and no part of New York City, least of all our parks, is to be used as a private dump,” said Grodenchik, referring to nearby Cunningham Park. “As a community, we spend a lot of time and effort keeping our parks and neighborhoods beautiful, and this illegal tire dumping is an affront to our work.”


Anonymous said...

Hello.....set up a few cheap webcams!

Camel bladder said...

Instead of holding a press conference/photo op to praise the "diligence" of these government employees for cleaning up the tires that someone dumped illegally would it not have been more productive to quietly, behind the scenes force these government employees to install cameras secretly and catch the scum that is doing the dumping? This way we the tax payers would know that the clean up costs were paid by the scum and not us. But now, after this press conference the scum know not to dump at this location. They will simply dump somewhere else and we will pay to clean it up again. But hey two shit head politicians just got some really positive FaceTime for themselves.

(sarc) said...

NYC Department of Sanitation will NOT take any tires.

Tire Centers and auto repair stations charge TEN DOLLARS PER TIRE to dispose of them.

These businesses' carting vendors also charge disposal fees.

The fees are part of government regulations.

People do not want to pay this surcharge, so these tires get dumped.

There is of course the occasional unscrupulous business trying to save money.

Again, the unintended consequences of Government...

Anonymous said...

Lets see if grand wizard Diblasio comes up with a good enough solution to this problem, oh wait HE DOESNT GIVE A SHIT !! NEVER MIND...

Joe said...

Oh the travesty, 4 good P205-70/R15s

I will try to locate and elevate this problem right away. Try finding & buying good 15" tires in 2016 for under $10000. I need for my 91 GMC Jimmy Classic

Anonymous said...

Even better just ask the NSA for the area's satellite surveillance records.

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for years along with illegally parked tractor trailers.

Anonymous said...

Probably dumped by some "great American" businessman.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the potholes that are causing these vehicles to lose their tires.

Anonymous said...

Grodenchik is a political hack...big on mouth...little on delivery.
He intends to be borough president. Mediocrity has its own rewards. Just keep on sucking up to power, Barry.
Then wipe off your chin and the patiently wait to be supported in your run for higher office by the Dem clubhouse.
If Joe Crowley like the head your giving him, you might becom Beep someday.

Anonymous said...

As if the NSA cares about Queens. They have bigger fish to fry.
Focus a global satellite on a piss ant borough to catch a few litterbugs?
C'mon, man...get real! This is a low priority item.

Anonymous said...

Some enterprising guy should pick these up, paint 'em up nice, and sell 'em as tire tree swings...IF there are any trees still.left in the wake of over development. Then we can all play like being the Beverly Hillbillies...toting a six pack and swinging in our tire swings.
Don't knock folk art.

(sarc) said...

Last a anon, it seems that you have quite the animosities for Great American Business Men.

I imagine you are either unemployable and on government assistance, or a foreigner.

If a business dumps tires, it is always a LARGE truckload.

Risk verses cost analysis says go big...

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the city makes it hard for people to dispose of trash.When the city stopped picking up electronics I started seeing TV's and computers on the side of the road.Sanitation will take an air conditioner and a refrigerator but not electronics so you have to lug your old heavy TV to a Best Buy, Staples or Goodwill,which is not easy if you are not in good shape and don't have a car.
Senator Joe Addabbo said at a community meeting that he is trying to clarify the law so Sanitation can pick up electronics.

Anonymous said...

"Senator Joe Addabbo said at a community meeting that he is trying to clarify the law so Sanitation can pick up electronics."

Oh its an election year
and he has a challenger
honest joe is working on his specialty

Anonymous said...

"Again, the unintended consequences of Government..."

I have to disagree with the govt is at fault. I guess the govt ought to get rid of criminal laws against rape and murder as so how that leads to crime? Some people will behave unethical because they think the can.
The govt should have people dispose of garbage that can have deleterious effect on our environment. There are people always willing to throw tires in the middle of the night. I had tires dumped on my property. I blame the people who did it not the govt. But the DOS should be able to take all garbage or make it easier for people to dispose of toxic garbage.