Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Charity with ties to shady pol investigated

From DNA Info:

City investigators have opened a probe into a Queens nonprofit that has ties to disgraced ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley and other elected officials, sources said.

The city Department of Investigation began in May looking into the finances of the St. Albans nonprofit Clergy United for Community Empowerment and into its executive vice-president and CEO, the Rev. Ernestine Sanders, according to sources.

The nonprofit bills itself as providing health and mental health services to HIV individuals and their families.

The group, whose board members include influential clergy from Southeast Queens, also holds political sway and its endorsement is coveted by both candidates running for office and elected officials.

Councilman I. Daneek Miller, who represents St. Albans, directed $63,438 in discretionary funds to Clergy United in fiscal year 2016 to run domestic violence initiatives, records show. In all, the nonprofit received nearly $219,000 in discretionary funds from the City Council that year, records show.

Miller declined to comment on the investigation.

Huntley, when she was a state senator, also steered $75,000 in state funds to Clergy United between fiscal years 2007 and 2010, according to a Politico article in 2012.

Huntley pleaded guilty in 2013 to mail fraud charges for stealing $87,000 in taxpayer money that went to an educational nonprofit she founded. She served 10 months in federal prison.


Anonymous said...

I saw the words "St Albans" and "empowerment", and there was no reason to read any further. Crooks, everyone of them.

(sarc) said...

Government money laundering...

Anonymous said...

Sponsored by the Clinton Crime Family Foundation
These crooks would make John Gotti Blush with Thier license to steal.

Anonymous said...

Any nonprofit with ties to any politician should be investigated. None of the politicians are nonprofit.

JQ LLC said...

Scott Stringer's participatory ignorance and complicity is the biggest burn.

And these are the people that Teflon Hillary relied on to get the african-american vote in NY.

Anonymous said...

Clergy United for Community Empowerment, Jamaica

People United for Community Empowerment, St Albans

JQ LLC said...

not legal charities, well done anonymous