Friday, July 15, 2016

Council Member wants Coney Island Boardwalk landmarked

From the Daily News:

The City Council threw its support behind landmarking the Coney Island Boardwalk on Thursday, passing a resolution urging the city to protect the iconic stretch.

Councilman Mark Treyger (D-Brooklyn) got unanimous support for his resolution, although the Landmarks Preservation Commission has balked at making the move.

Treyger wants the landmark status in part to stop plans to convert much of the boardwalk from traditional wood planks into concrete and fake wood.


Anonymous said...

Good idea. Too bad it won't happen unless you have big real estate backing you.

Dunno if they'll care one way or the other, is there some huge lumber lobby fighting against some fake wood lobby?

Anonymous said...

Composit it better

JQ LLC said...

I like to double down and say this is a great idea. Look at the boardwalk in Rockaway. It's more like a sidewalk and the gentrification industrial complex is alloverit with the bullshit barsteraunts causing massive crowds and obstructions (Move those fucking blackboards!, everyone knows you're there and the over-priced shit you peddle). I wonder what it's like there when the hipshits and tourists get drunk and stupid, but it's already a pain in the ass to ride on there, when before it was easier and roomier to glide by on your bike.

Good luck getting this done, but it seems the LPC is already infiltrated with spineless lackeys since they denied Neir's but gave it to a tacky pepsicola ad on Long Island Dubai City.

Anonymous said...

In the 80s I was a dock builder and we rebuilt Coney Island boardwalk,the job took over 2 years and much of it is still there,poor shape now though,we used wood called green heart,hardest wood in the world and 2 dollars a foot
The locals at the time used to burn cars under the boardwalk thus the hard wood,get rid of the wood and use concrete it's more modern,stronger and fireproof

Anonymous said...

They should have built a seawall.When Sandy hit the concrete sections were thrown around like toys.If there's a seawall then you can have a wooden boardwalk although I prefer concrete.With all the police and parks vehicles driving on the boardwalk it was noisy and made it fall apart and what about those nasty splinters in your feet.
A seawall also protects the homes against the storm surge.