Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Flushing plagued by excessive aircraft noise

From AM-NY:

Noise levels in the Flushing, Queens, neighborhood near LaGuardia Airport exceeded federal levels on one of every three days earlier this year, elected officials and community activists said Monday.

The maximum permissible Day/Night Noise Level — or DNL — of 65 decibels was exceeded on 32 out of the 92 days from March through May on a monitor on Franklin Avenue, state Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Flushing) said at a news conference.

The Federal Aviation Administration measures on a scale that averages all community noise during a 24-hour period, with a tenfold penalty for noise occurring at night and early morning.

“With this data, we now see what we’ve always known: parts of Queens are subjected to higher levels of sound than others,” Stavisky said.

She said the current DNL standards date to the 1970s and are obsolete. She and others at the news conference said the FAA should reduce the maximum allowable DNL to 55, the standard at most airports overseas.


Anonymous said...

Then move the airport or move from Queens. Every major city has the same problem with aircraft noise. There is nothing one can do about it. It's a big waste of time trying to fight it!

Ms. Tsouris said...

Noise levels have increased in the surrounding areas as well-Bayside, Whitestone, and western Nassau County including Great Neck and Manhassett. I can't see how they're going to expand La Guardia

Jerry Rotondi said...

No shit, Sherlock!
Despite "Quiet Skies" valiant efforts, a huge international lobby group,
which promotes the increase of air travel, is the Goliath we are up against.
Can we win? Youbetcha!
Only if we ALL stand together, and ream our shady pols' asses if they do not stand with us.
Is Paul Vallone with us on airplane noise?
Invisible....so far.

Anonymous said...

And Rep. Grace Meng is incapable of getting anything done.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tsouris:
"I can't see how they're going to expand La Guardia"

Please understand this, it's Queens and they don't fucking care!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that airplane noise has greatly increased because they've stopped routing flights over Flushing Meadows Park, because the needs of a few rich tennis players is more important then the needs of ordinary residents?

>Despite "Quiet Skies" valiant efforts, a huge international lobby group, which promotes the increase of air travel, is the Goliath we are up against.

What's the name of this lobbying group?

Anonymous said...

The flight patterns were changed with the implementation of the NextGen air traffic system !
Planes now fly lower, longer and closer over residential neighborhoods like mine Whitestone. This was not the usual flight pattern a few years ago. No environmental studies were used before the system was switch from radar to the now satellite gps controlled NextGen. Planes use to take off primary over the water instead of residential neighborhoods. You can read more about this issue at Queens Quiet Skies . For the record I did not move next to the airport the airport changed the flight patterns to increase profits while bombarding people with noise and air pollution day after day for hours on end !

Anonymous said...

If the noise bothers you and your family put a complaint in with this link !

Complain to the Port Authority About Aircraft Noise:

To make your complaint even more effective, please follow these instructions:

1. Click here for the Port Authority of NJ & NY Noise Complaint Form.

2. Make sure that you indicate that the complaint is about a single event or the more likely case that it is a complaint about too frequent noise.

3. Be as specific as possible in the comment box of the form.

4. Send a copy of your complaint to queensquietskies@aol.com, or in the email box in the complaint form, use queensquietskies@aol.com, instead of your own email address.

Anonymous said...

I am in Flushing area and in Howard Beach often and to me it seems that the planes are louder and bigger coming and going from JFK.I don't know how the locals can live with it but at least the Concorde flies no more, that sucker was deafening.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Sorry. Can't remember that international lobby group's name. It might have been mentioned at a meeting I attended somewhere. It probably is not advertising itself with a name. But it's roots are surely in the airline and travel business. They benefit by it. So do the hotels, airports, etc.

BTW.... I agree that Grace Meng accomplishes NOTHING except getting great federal benefits in the form of great medical coverage and eventually getting a nice pension.

Are you following all this, Grace? Her office is only a few blocks from me. People have said to drop in. Why? She won't do squat. And now I'm surely on her shit list! The day I need a politician to cover my ass will be a sad day.

Gracie is just warming a cushy Congressional seat. How long will it be...another twenty plus years?
How long did her shady predecessor Gary Ackerman warm a bench in Congress?

Hmmmm...you "sheeple" voters better wise up and elect those who will truly represent ALL OF YOU, not just a favored group.

Anonymous said...

Yes please contact us with your complaint so we can pull your last 10 years of tax returns for scrutiny,make sure your name is correct so we don't harass the wrong person,Thank you

Anonymous said...

Anything with a name like "NextGen" is going to be bad news. These is computerese for "People, you're screwed!"

I live in Rego Park and sometimes the jets are so low and so loud one after another, coming in for a landing. Other times not. There doesn't seem to be any predictable schedule. It's definitely a lot more airplane noise now than when I moved to this apartment 6 years ago, so please don't tell me it's my own damn fault because I "moved near an airport."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"What's the name of this lobbying group?"

1. Airlines 4 America: Vice president of this group, lobbyist Sharon Pinkerton, is the fiancé of Pennsylvania congressman Bill Schuster. Started the "NextGen Now" campaign.

2. Global Gateway Alliance: Joe Sitt and the NYC Economic Development Corporation run this one. Also big contributions from Jared Kushner. They want 4 new runways at each airport.

3. RTCA: This one goes back a century. Just a general aviation advocacy group, but has tremendous influence on NextGen implementation and even selects the members of the NextGen advisory council (and the CATEX 2 task group).

4. Paul Vallone: Just kidding. But I hate him, like most of us, and his names fits in so well among the other real estate advocates listed above.

Anonymous said...

NextGen must be redesigned or put on the scrapheap. It is destroying the quality of life for hundreds of thousand of Americans across the country ! It will keep getting worse as it is being implemented across every major U.S. city.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Thank you for the name of that lobbying group.
But be sure to target your local political representatives for their lack of response to airplane noise.
Research online to see if they have gotten any campaign contributions from these pro noise airline groups.
There's an old saying, "Grab 'em by the balls (your politician in this case) and the rest of him will follow"!
But please do it at the polls! Your individual vote, added up collectively, is the only real power that we all have.
God bless our American republic!

Anonymous said...

Jerry good advice.
This Saturday 7/30 Tony Avella will have a mobile office in the Whitestone Shopping Center.
I will go and encourage others to go and make their voices be heard and complain about the Jet noise and pollution that is affecting our neighborhoods !

Unknown said...

I wish the FAA would wake up and realize that everywhere nextgen has been implemented the same complaints are happoening.
too low, too frequent too loud.

we didnt live near an airort as a lot of others dont either, the flightpaths were changed with the publics awareness.
Im in the same apartment for 30 years and had pure quiet, then June 2012 the flight paths were changed and i now have planed flying in my neighborhood every 30 seconds for 20 hours a day.
criminal, and unfair that the FAA was allowed to do this.
I did my due dilligence when purchasing an apartment, I dont live all the way in Bath beach, clear across the land from LGA, yet when runway 4 in the chosen landing runway, we get planes every 30 seconds like clcokwork for 20 hours a day for days on end.

Unknown said...

^ I meant, I do live all the way in Bath beach......oops sorry