Saturday, July 23, 2016

City Council wants deed restriction review to fall under ULURP

From DNA Info:

Local politicians say the city should make developers looking to modify deed restrictions go through the city’s thorough, months-long process for reviewing proposed zoning changes — a change they say is needed to prevent more community facilities from being turned into luxury condos after the loss of Rivington House.

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Councilwoman Margaret Chin on Tuesday penned a letter to the City Planning Commission asking officials to subject any deed restriction changes to the city’s Uniform Land Review Procedure (ULURP), which the letter calls “the city’s gold standard of public review.”

The officials argue that the current review process around properties saddled with deed restrictions is lax and unstructured, pointing to the Department of Investigation’s damning report on the city’s lifting of the deed restriction on Rivington House — a former nursing home for HIV/AIDS patients that is now slated for a luxury condo conversion after the city lifted a deed restriction that would have kept it a nonprofit healthcare facility.


Anonymous said...

Deed restrictions should be enforced by NYCas part of zoning....period!
But crooked REBNY wimps, like Councilman Paul Vallone, did his best to avoid the Broadway Rickert Finlay covenants put under city hands for enforcement. Oh, he made plenty of excuses, but he is beholding to real estate money for his political advancement. His law firm lobbies for developers. He does not lobby for his constituents as strongly. Maybe they should put him on retainer.
Don Vallone is just one of those many political mafiosi that are not representing their constituents as well as their developer pals.

Jerry Rotondi said...

So, how come Don Chooch, Paul,Vallone , did not come up with this idea?
Because he is too busy on his knees sucking up to his real estate developer client list.
I think I'll buy him a pair of knee pads for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Crooked community boards, like CB7, will rubber stamp their approvals to tear down and build anyway.
Does Chuck Apelian get any kickbacks from developers? Calling Preet, the star of the FBI!
Only the feds can smash this den of thieves.

Anonymous said...


They still think the whole deal was a mistake by DuhBlazio.

It was 16 million mistakes by his cronies.

JQ LLC said...

The negligence around Rivington was willful and intentional. Because being stupid and incompetent is not an indictable offense, and neither is plausible deniability. Ask Manifest Hillary.

But running these offices like an idiot sure makes certain jackals richer and more powerful.