Friday, July 1, 2016

Just as predicted

This is how an article in the Commercial Observer starts:

Just how bad could Brooklyn and Queens’ hotel oversupply get?

Robert MacKay, the head of tourism for the Queens Economic Development Corporation, has an answer: “Some [hotels] will probably, I hate to say it, be converted into homeless shelters.”


Anonymous said...

....and a majority if any new hotels coming to Queens, will definitely be used as homeless shelters, especially those in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

What does the QEDC do anyway? I always read about its director going on long exotic trips all around the world. Who pays for those trips?? How does that benefit Queens??

Anonymous said...

really, I thought the abundance of hotels were for all of the human trafficking and prostitution that happens here in Queens!

(sarc) said...

The homeless business is really good money!

No matter what happens, the city pays good money, with your tax dollars.

Great business model...

georgetheatheist said...

See photo. Even cheaper housing for the HOMELESS.

If you have a brief moment - 2:30 - a video on exactly how to build that cheap housing HERE.

Joe Moretti said...

When the shit goes down and things get fucked up in a company, the blame does directly on the CEO of that company and the same things goes with a city, the man in charge is at fault.

Blame deBlasio for this homeless shelter bullshit that is taking place all over, especially in certain communities and communities of color/immigrants when get way more than their fair share. Of course his predecessor were no better.

I applaud the residents of Elmhurst (Jamaica folks can take a lesson in pride and standing up for their community) who have not given up on this colossal fuck up.

Having seen myself what these homeless shelters do to a community and the crap that is brought in to these places, civilized hard working folks are tired of their communities becoming shelters for some who are plain irresponsible lazy losers who do not want to work, drug addicts who don’t want help, some illegal immigrants who come here to suck off the government tit, women who pop out babies like rabbits and so forth. Now yes, there are some who have legitimate issues and just need to a safety net to get back on their feet, but many are not, plain and simple and the far left liberals just do not want to admit that. Homelessness is not mean to be a permanent job or way of life, eventually one has to take responsibility and pull the boot straps up and some actually do that,but too many don’t.

At the shitty El Camino homeless shelter on 89 Ave/160 St in Jamaica, any time of the day you will see the folks at these shelters hanging out in front of the building or sitting in chairs on the sidewalk doing jack shit. Ever hear of looking for fucking work. No they, just want to hang with their loser buddies causing issues in a community.


OGCLE said...

To Anonymous who commented on human trafficking and prostitution: sex happens right on the street, as evidenced by all the used condoms on the sidewalks. People don't waste money on hotel rooms anymore!

Anonymous said...

When I get an apartment I show 3 years of tax returns, pay the deposit, plus two months of rent and the broker fee.

If you can't handle spending at least $10K to find an apartment then move to another city.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nyc is not a company as government is made to spread the blame and responsibility

most of the blame is locally, with the civic leaders in cahoots with the pols in cahoots with the developers. remember the ex-library board member that unique within the city wanted to upzone. see the vetting process for leadership.

THIS produces DeBlaz not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

When I get an apartment I show 3 years of tax returns, pay the deposit, plus two months of rent and the broker fee.

If you can't handle spending at least $10K to find an apartment then move to another city

funny hack how yr Democrat Party bosses don't say that to fresh-off-the-boat 'democrats'.

JQ LLC said...

Everyone should check out the PIX report with Jay Dow and Mario Diaz. First they catch the commissioner and he looks like he shat himself and then They get "on topic" with Mayor DeFaustio at a press conference and the questions about the shelter scandal (let's give this a catchy name) stress him out to the point that he looks like he is chewing gum or cud before he gives his usual lame response.

You know, the one when they claim this administration will not tolerate any abuse or illegal activity. The same responses they gave about the Rivington House plunder and the NYPD gifts for selective service and gun permits and deputized vigilantism for the shomrim

Anonymous said...

All of NYC is for sale to anyone with money who can buy off our elected officials !

Anonymous said...

The demand for a hotel room in Queens is finite.

The demand for a homeless shelter room in Queens is infinite. Anything of value that's free will have people lining up for it.

These hotels are locations that have NO local demand for a new hotels. The areas near airports, corporate headquarters, universities, appear to be well-served already.

Anonymous said...

"These hotels are locations that have NO local demand for a new hotels."

There are over 1,000 hotel rooms within a quarter mile of the Verve.