Thursday, July 21, 2016

Peninsula Hospital sold to affordable housing developer

From DNA Info:

A real estate developer and an affordable housing corporation have teamed up to buy the former Peninsula Hospital site for $19 million, according to city records.

The Arker Companies and the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation bought the site in May from Congregation Zichron Yitzchok Vmoshe Eliyahu, a non-profit based in Borough Park and owned by Yosef "Joseph" Brunner, records show.

They bought it under two recently-formed limited liability companies, Peninsula Rockaway Housing Development Fund Corp., affiliated with NEBHDCo; and Peninsula Rockaway Limited Partnership, affiliated with the Arker Companies, records show.

The new owners plan to build multi-family housing and commercial buildings, according to paperwork filed with the city.

The project — which applied for a mortgage tax exemption because the developers exclusively build affordable housing, according to documents — would need to go through the city's ULURP rezoning process before it could move forward.


Anonymous said...

Good, close another hospital.
In Manhattan St. Vincent's closed. Beth Israel is next.
That leaves 14th Streef totaly bereft of TWO medical facilities.

Anonymous said...

more shell companies full of crooks from Russia
who don't fix a dam thing and do preferential rents....
thug drunk for a super

JQ LLC said...

Too bad there isn't such a thing as an affordable hospital developer...

or even for affordable housing, for that has become a combination oxymoron and cudgel to justify unmerited high market speculation to build luxury towers. Sorry, affordable luxury.

Although, this is an interesting development (pun intended). Because if the Rivington House plunder went through, the lowlife scum would have lobbied to get that nursing center destroyed.

But as it turns out, this might actually provide benefits for the underclass and undeserved after all. And it works out for all the foodie hipshits because this is out of the way of all those lame hangouts that have opened up by Averne so they don't have to witness the poverty that will cramp their style.

It would be nice to know who else is providing cash to these LLC's though. This might have the makings of another Williamsburgh, and not the hipshit kind but section 8 for the hasidic community.But this will most likely be where they put the homeless once they start developing by the west end of the boardwalk.

Apologies for any latent anti-semitism.

JQ LLC said...

It is quite absurd, and inherently abhorrent that this hospital has been inactive. Because when people get hurt, sick or come out of the ocean after drowning they are sent across the bridges miles away to either Coney Island or Jamaica Hospital. Really, what the fuck.

but let's dole out billions of dollars in subsidies and breaks for the predatory developers, the mediocre film industry, and start NY instead.

Keep it up, and watch the floodgates open further. Especially now that it's fucking blazing hot.

African American Indian and proud of it said...

Every homeowner of color that's weathered Super storm Sandy, who live by the Jamaica Bay and by the sea knows that the Jews want back near the ocean, oh Israel! Money and lots of it is in control of this whole situation, and the fact that Jews own so much property in NY it's the natural order of follow the money! Queens has such a diverse culture that's going nowhere, 70, 80, 90 years of disrepair and neglect and we still rise! I know the Jewish community wants back by the sea in the worst way, location, location, location! Poverty is upfront and personal and will never hide it's face, need will always rise to the top and by any means necessary so will this community! So have at it you dirty bastards, just know that that you will share this land with people of color till the end of time! Frankly why did they leave for in the first place?! People of color of course. Just like Strivers Row in Harlem, and people of color who own home in all the other boroughs just need to hold it down. Keep the legacy of ownership alive and see that property stays in families who fought for the freedom that we all enjoy! Fuck the 1% they only seek to kill, steal and destroy! Yea I said it....