Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cameras finally installed in Forest Park

From DNA Info:

After numerous delays owing to red tape in Albany, NYPD security cameras have finally been installed around Forest Park, nearly three years after the last assault in a string of sexual attacks that terrified parkgoers.

In total, 14 cameras were placed in seven locations around the 500-acre park last week, including at the entrances to the park, near main trails used by bicyclists and joggers, and close to playgrounds, officials said.

The equipment was installed after Assemblyman Mike Miller and State Sen. Joseph Addabbo allocated $250,000 for the cameras to be placed in the park back in 2013.

Officials said they hope the cameras will serve as a deterrent to crime and that they will also help identify suspects in the future.


JQ LLC said...

What's needed is more lights and consistent police patrols. And while we're at it, fix those roads and sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

Still, our parkland wilderness is home to predators.
Muggers and rapists cannot be stopped with cameras....only identified after the crimes have taken place.
Advice? Stay out of the parks at night and in secluded areas in daylight.
Are these cameras manned 24/7?
I doubt it. So these are not crime stopping measures. After you've pulled up your pants, as a victim, can you be assured that the NYPD will pursue the matter? LMAO,

(sarc) said...

George Orwell could never have imagined such technology so widespread surveilling everyone!

"Officials said they hope the cameras will serve as a deterrent to crime and that they will also help identify suspects in the future."

So now we get some of the truth.

These are not to prevent crime, but to help solve the case after We the People have been victimized...

Anonymous said...

How many were installed 'ONE'. Meanwhile Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn have one in almost every corner.

Gary W said...

If you are calling 911 it's already too late.

Anonymous said...

The only cameras and lights Debass cares about are those which bring in revenue.

Anonymous said...

>What's needed is more lights

One of the lovely things about Forest Park is that it's not brightly lit like the rest of New York City.

Molan Labe said...

Everyone at the time of the founding of this great Nation agreed that the federal government had no power to infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Contemporary debates for the most part also fail to address the essential question of why the right to bear arms was enshrined in the Constitution in the first place. The right to self-defense and to the means of defending oneself is a basic natural right that grows out of the right to life. The Second Amendment therefore does not grant the people a new right; it merely recognizes the inalienable natural right to self preservation and self-defense. Lawmakers continually outlaw certain types of weapons, but they should not disarm the citizenry.

my next next post is how to legally get a gun in NYC

Anonymous said...

It took 3 years!?? Just shows you how weak elected representatives in Queens really are. They take their sweet ass time doing things and never do them with any sense of urgency. Fire them all at the next election!

Anonymous said...

Yawn, Molan...we do not need a lengthy doctoral thesis published online.

Carry a weapon at your own peril ,if you wish. Defend yourself and get sued anyway.
Better to be tried by 12 than to be carried to your rest by 6, I guess.

We are all between a rock and a hard place.
One thing for sure....government does not seem to be serving us all very well.
Things could be worse. We could be living in Syria.

Anonymous said...

"We could be living in Syria"

We basically will be and much worse if this bitch Clinton II gets elected and appoints loony America hating activists to the Supreme court.
ISIS and over 10,000 Syrians are nearing the Mexican border right now, the only thing holding them back is desert temperatures that will soon be dropping. These "hard" people have no problem waiting it out.