Thursday, July 7, 2016

Resorts World plans to expand

From the Wall Street Journal:

Resorts World Casino at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens wants to spend an estimated $400 million to add 1,000 video-lottery terminals and build a new hotel and convention complex.

The proposal includes adding a 400-room hotel, a 20,000-square-foot spa and resort, at least 140,000 square feet of convention and meeting space, plus additional room for food, retail and casino expansion.

The plan, which would expand the Resorts World Casino footprint at Aqueduct by an estimated 750,000 square feet, was outlined June 27 to the New York state Franchise Oversight Board by Resorts World Casino President Ryan Eller.

If all goes to plan, Mr. Eller told the board, the complex would open in April 2019.

The additional video-lottery terminals would come on top of the 5,500 electronic gambling machines of varying types already at Resorts World.

A spokesman for Resorts World said the expansion would be built on the west side of the existing casino, a space now covered by a parking lot.


JQ LLC said...

oh, fuck no.

The only explanation for this is that it's getting a lot business from the #2 concern from our elected overpaid part-time hucksters (#1 being the predator developers and the hipshit demographic): the tourism industry and the bourgee tourist demographic.

Seeing that they plan to build more convention space leads me to cull again from the wire...

Maybe it's a stretch but every day I see the same similarities between distributing heroin and distributing zoning and real estate

Anonymous said...

To me this means the final death of Atlantic City and Connecticut Casinos, as no one who plays slots will need to travel any further than Queens. Why would they?

Anonymous said...

And how much mob money , skimmed off the top, goes into the campaign coffers of the Democratic machine?
Perhaps enought to pay for a nice houseboat for Virginia Joe Crowley. LOL!

Anonymous said...

This was the deal to keep VLTs out of Belmont. Sorry, Queens. Activists put up a strong front. Blame the Nassau Regional OTB - they weren't gonna walk away with their tail between their legs without a graceful $$$ exit.

Anonymous said...

state sen joe addabo is being challenged in an election this november
i guess he needs a LOT of BIG contributions
remember this when u vote!

Anonymous said...


Joe Moretti said...

No, this is not good news for the community at large. Good news for crooked elected officials who are involved in this and which will put money in their pocket, but face it, since this casino was put here from the get go, the community did not benefit from it at all, it is still ghetto crap and none of the surrounding businesses have benefited nor have the residents. The community never saw big job growth for the residents at all.

In a Wall Street article (, Queens Asshole Borough President of low morals, Melinda Katz hadn’t yet reviewed the project proposal, but a spokeswoman in her office said, “Anything that comes to this property should be to the direct benefit of Queens residents in the form of good jobs and economic growth.”

Really, so if it was an illegal auto body shop or a massage “whore house” parlor, that would be good. I mean what the fuck kind of answer is that. The kind of answer that asshole, clueless, not in touch with the community/residents elected official’s give, that is is the kind.

As one resident of that area and reader of my blog stated:

I definitely think it’ll help the Jamaica tourism image that they are trying to create, but it’s not going to benefit any of us living in the community or any of the small businesses on Rockaway Blvd. Just the pawn shops and massage parlors will benefit.

If any of these hack elected officials think it will be good, then it is NOT.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, those extra hotel rooms would be great for housing the homeless ala the Panamerican Hotel... - alfster

Anonymous said...

How much of a tax break is Casinos demanding to erect this monstrosity?

No tax breaks, no public funds for bonds, no city/state paid infrastructure improvements.

Anonymous said...

Gambling is regressive and cannibalistic--it only benefits the crooked developers who buy politicians (like diseased, waterfront hookers!), and disloyal, derelict predators like Addabbo and Cuomo are the infected sewer rats spreading the disease--and, as always, ignoring the cure!

That Racino is a karmic disaster of full blown depravity: Its owners are foreign (from Malaysia, with no stake in local philanthropy and charity, much less good corporate citizens), their existing slot machines are 'not so friendly robbers,' their patrons are a scourge of low income, chronically addicted losers, many of whom, if not all can't even afford to gamble in the first place (and most probably are receving food stamps and other public assistance that is paid for by the taxpayer), andthe whole filthy, tainted operation is a 'House of faulty Cards,' just waiting to collapse from the weight of their own greed, graft and corruption that never ends!

And, that's what Melinda Katz's idea of progress, growth and development look like? WHEN??? WHERE??? HOW??? It's already been more than five years since this nearly 24-hour crime scene has infected South Ozone Park with 'wage slavery' jobs and 'petrified paychecks,' not to mention seedy restaurants that barely support the even seedier gambling mill that creates more of the same beggary, obscurity and quiet desperation--and, now on its way to grinding expansionism that the community was never asked if it wants. What a totally rigged system!

Maybe, if a corrupt, shieled and 'drunk with power' politican like Melinda Katz (she's at the low end of the totum pole), and the other empowered idiots, like Addabbo and Cuomo would actually visit the Racino, instead of hiding behind the crumbling facades of Borough Hall and Albany, then they would see the 'Cold Light Of Day,' that has forever decayed the racetrack (and surround neighborhoods) forevermore. (Wasn't Katz the same incompetent thief who spent an additional $920,000 to beautify Kew Gardens Plaza (that Borough Hall itself already destroyed and blighted in 2012, after a long standing statue was evicted from the plaza's fountain base by the previous thief-in-charge, Helen Marshall?) On second thought, forget it, Melinda, don't bother to show up--everyone in city government--yourself included, knows how crooked and corrupt to the core you all are, and always have been (where everyone else continues to pay the price)!

The entire, filthy operation (and the politicains who feed off of the human misery), is a virulent disease called greed, for which there is no cure!

Anonymous said...

>video-lottery terminals
>electronic gambling machines

They don't have any real gaming tables with real people dealing?

Anonymous said...

It's all electronic. Suckers!!!

JQ LLC said...

It's a glorified video game arcade. It's basically the same format.

Their patrons prior experience was playing Asteroids, Pacman, Frogger, Defender, Qbert, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Space Invader and Missile Command.

Can't have people dealing, no no no. that means that you have to deal with certain demands like wages, workers rights and unions.

Anonymous 8 is right on as usual (keep on keeping on) these Malaysian fucking fucks are subhuman greedy sociopaths and this city is going to make them wealthier on societal and moral decay. Me thinks these greedhead pigfuckers are phantom contributors to dem superpacs.

I would like to see how all this wasted money goes to funding education when even charter schools can't even get any space or buildings.

Anonymous said...

Addabbo's wife wants a new Mercedes and Cuomo has big medical bills at home, a little extra money coming their way should cover that.

ron s said...

As both a horseplayer and slot player, I must concur with most of these posts. Casinos NEVER improve an area. they NEVER keep promises of employment, they NEVER contribute anything and they ALWAYS cause crime. Expanding them is NEVER a good idea.

Anonymous said...

This is Exhibit A of the world's view of Queens and why, with the exception of tennis, baseball, and the odd concert, no one steps foot in this borough unless they have to or live here.

Also, the breathless press release on something this downscale points to the bankruptcy of those that are over us.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the slum South Ozone Park , especially Rockaway Blvd, has become!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Resorts supposed to beautify Rockaway Blvd according to one of its press releases years ago?

Gary W said...

Resorts World, the reason I still take trips to AC. Walked into that place once and never again.

At least in AC you can enjoy the Boardwalk, casino hop, still get "free" drinks, and enjoy a nice cigar inside in designated areas.

NY "Gaming" is a joke

Anonymous said...

Expand but get rid of lazy employees first.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said: "Just look at the slum South Ozone Park, especially Rockaway Boulevard has become."

That slum, Anonymous, is compliments of an un-American, pathological Albany-henchmen-and-resident-shithead named Joe ('Jerkface') Addabbo---and, the SCOURGE that he partnered with named Andrew Cuomo (Preeeeeeet---handcuffs, PLEASE!!!)!!!

On or about six years ago (and before the hideous arrival of the Racino), South Ozone Park was a blighted failure in urban decay BACK THEN (versus Manhattan's extreme wealth, private splendor and privilege, ironically only 10 miles away!), because of political greed, graft and sweetheart deals that are SO egregious---that they DEVALUE honesty itself---to ruinous outcome!

The Racino has SINCE blighted South Ozone Park's erstwhile, proud hamlet to smithereens! Besides, a raunchy, 'slot-and-slut' mill is no place for a working class neighborhood anyway (EVER!)! But, what do major assholes like Addabbo and Cuomo care about, regarding We the People, versus the worship of money, power and privilege (that was never earned, much less deserved)??? They both give mendacity a bad name!

And, the people and community that surrounds a now ugly 'strip mall' like Rockaway Boulevard be damned!

Men have been hanged for less---FAR, FAR LESS!

Anonymous said...

What??? "Expand, but get rid of lazy employees first?"

I'd FIRST rather see the extermination of ALL 'lazy politicians,' Anonymous---before any and all devolved, gambling expansionism prevails! The whole sordid operation is an ever growing cesspool of Albany corruption, graft and greed (that benefits no one but Cuomo's deseperate state coffers), and the foreign-based, Malaysian SCOURGE known as GENTING, naturally!

As Anonymous Number 8 has so deftly stated: "Gambling is regessive and cannibalistic." Regressive, because once the money runs out, then a gambler will resort to other monies that were never meant to be touched in the first place, in order to feed the addiction (as always happens to be the case).

Then, it becomes cannibalistic when the many, unravelling layers of tapped money sources begin to eat and gnaw their way through to the deepest wells of desperation itself (as money is stolen, marriages collapse, family members become estranged and angered), and the disease continues to 'eat away' to the very core of all quality of life that continues to rapidly disappear---until there is nothing left.

I've seen it happen to people of all stations in life---and, it ALWAYS BEGINS with a casino that degrades the neighborhood, which occcurs within a short time span after its unwelcoming arrival---like right here and right now in South Ozone Park (Sordid, Oppressed and Predatory)!

Thank you, sleazy politicians---even death by execution could never ABSOLVE you from these willful, heinous crimes against humanity!

Anonymous said...

Wait a second - all electronic gaming, you can't smoke, and no free drinks?

WTF is the point of this place then?

Julie B. said...

I thought this was a dangerous place, but I guess it's somewhat profitable.

Anonymous said...

It IS a dangerous place, Julie B., and one that has further blighted South Ozone Park to the deepest levels of shameful beggary, obscurity and not so quiet desperation--all within an environment that even many Third World nations have managed to begin climbing out of their OWN grinding poverty that now, unbelievably afflicts and rivals southeastern Queens---to filthy and disgraceful standards of epic, humanitarian (and political) fail!

And, if you lived only blocks away from this blighted eyeshore, then you would understand how disgusted many residents like me have become. Because, when these gamblers lose (and they ALWAYS LOSE!), they leave a trail of filth and decay up and down my block, before boarding the 'A' train that includes, but is not limited to, frequent urination on my front lawn (and, the lawns, driveways and curbs of my neighbors), empty liquor bottles, cups and debris in frony of my house and sidewalk, and sometimes there is an added bonus of vomit in between parked cars---and, it's certainly not coming from my block's longtime residents and their guests!

It's disgusting and vile---exactly like the filthy politicians who FOISTED this foreign gambling mill on to residents whose collective voices and staunch objections mattered not in the least!

But, maybe I can set up a 'tourism booth' for all of the transient, out of towners who normally land at JFK and LGA (while bypassing Queens altogether for Manhattan's cultural bounty). My product of interest to attract their attention before bolting? Welcome to Queens County: The official gateway to the Fourth World (homeless shelter slums, bums and AirBNB tour is extra)! Crooked politicians always welcome!