Sunday, January 27, 2019

City Council keeps pushing bill to legalize motor scooters despite the risks to their users

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NY Post

 Despite growing safety data on e-scooters — powered two-wheelers that are zipping along city streets nationwide — the industry’s two biggest scooter-rental players, Lime Bike and Bird, spent $230,000 last year trying to talk city pols into making them street-legal in New York.

 Three New Yorkers died riding privately-owned e-scooters in 2018, all in the Bronx, the Department of Transportation reported. And fatalities and injuries are on the rise in cities where e-scooters — which have top speeds of 20 mph — have been legalized and dockless, app-connected rental systems are in place.
The battery-operated devices, which unlock with an app and cost a few dollars to ride, are touted as a green alternative to autos and a savior for troubled transit systems. Bird issued a report in December offering its scooters as a solution to an L train shutdown.
Uber is also looking to break into the e-scooter business, and used a slice of its $4.9 million lobbying budget on the issue.
At a hearing Wednesday, some City Council members brushed off safety concerns.
“The only way we’re going to advance our transportation options and alternatives is by legalizing the e-bikes and e-scooters,” said Rafael Espinal (D-Brooklyn).

 Admin. note: Councilman Espinal is an idiot.

What about expanding city bus services now that there are more strict standing laws in the bus lanes?


Anonymous said...

where's the real Crappy?

Anonymous said...

NYC is not Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Stockholm. Our geography and personal behavior is quite different on the road and sidewalks then those of northern european nations. You will see more deaths, lawsuits if these scooters are legalized in the city. Mayor DiBozzo is too thick headed to understand that.

Anonymous said...

Wave of the future.

Get used to it.

Don't worry about the deaths. Nothing compared to driving/biking. And don't even compare to drug and alcohol deaths.

Pick you battles.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's a great idea. More hipsters that ride them will help cull the herd.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Espinal the guy who proposed the bicyclists be permitted to run red lights with no penalty?

Anonymous said...

All in the name of so-called "Social Justice". It's all about illegal immigrants, criminals, and the third world minority. This is what bleeding- heart liberals and the far Left's push for " Diversity " has brought to NYC. Total bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Those little wheels might be fine on a smooth surface but on the mean streets on NYC you're looking at lots of accidents.I ride a bike and the roads have plenty of holes,cracks and all kinds of debris.At the least helmets should be required for all not just for those under 14.
It's funny I'm 70 years old and when I was a kid my parents bought me a scooter for Christmas.All my friends had bikes and they all made fun of me.Now scooters are hip,go figure.

Anonymous said...

Risks to "their users"? Who gives a shit? I'm worried about the innocent on the streets and sidewalks that are going to be maimed or killed by these.

Anonymous said...

"where's the real Crappy?"
Unisphere Heaven?

TommyR said...

^Anon¹, Crapster retired and gave the position to JQ LLC, but still submits stories occasionally. He's running it by proxy essentially without having to deal with the daily stuff.

I doubt the scooters will result in more deaths - more sidewalk injuries, maybe. They'll just one more fucking annoyance we don't want or need.

JQ LLC said...

Anon re: their users

I agree, certainly pedestrians are going to get hit too

And it is absurd that scooters are hip, and Mayor Baby Huey is ramping up ferries and is obsessed with getting that trolley rolling. It's a total devolution of transit services that is being promoted and induced on this city.

I still laugh at scooter riders. Everyone should.

Anonymous said...

I stopped using my scooter when I turned 13.

Anonymous said...

All wheeled things using our public roads need to be regestered and insured.
With no way of tracking or fear of penalty what you end up is "free for all" with many dead just like the shitholes you see in Asia and (Vietnam for example with blood stains & flowers in the street every 1/4 mile)
Worst part is NYC private car owners face HUGE rise insurance cost premiums.
Many of these people on bikes cant read the signs or know what they mean. (like stay out of a bike lane)
A jerk on a bike went under a bus yesterday, as usual breaking the law in the red bus lane.