Monday, October 8, 2018

State: Columbus statue is historic

From the NY Post:

The state is designating the Columbus monument at Columbus Circle as a landmark — in case the city tries to move it in the future.

The New York State Board of Historic Preservation voted unanimously on Sept. 20 to place the statue in the state and national registers for its historic and cultural significance.

The action was not publicized.

Gov. Cuomo is expected to announce the designation at the Columbus Citizens Foundation dinner Saturday night and the news will be celebrated at the monument on Sunday — ahead of Monday’s Columbus Day Parade.

The 76-foot beaux arts monument was designed by Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo and it’s his only sculptural art work in America.


Rob in Manhattan said...

I went through the Circle early Sunday. The statue island is surrounded with barricades and cops.

Now, Cuomo wants some pointless declaration to protect something that was never in danger anyway.

All this over a bastard mercenary who never actually set foot in what we call America.

Keep the statue...but stop the Nina, Pinta Santa-Maria bullshit. This guy meant nothing to us.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Cuomo getting out ahead of DeBlasio. I love it.

Tony Notaro said...

Usual anti-White commentary from Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Columbus didnt even set foot in America. But he is apart of history and history cant be changed. People who want these statues removed are idiots because the statue is apart of history. Taking down a statue will not rewrite history. We learn from our mistakes and we move forward with our lives that's all people can do. And btw, everyone owned slaves back in those days...even Africans enslaved their own fellow Africans and their own tribes too were responsible for selling off their own people.

JQ LLC said...

If the statue came down, they would also have to rename the circle.

georgetheatheist said...

Not only keep the statue but ERECT even more statues of the Great Navigator.

Columbus is THE emblem of entrepreneurial endeavor. The progenitor of American free enterprise.

Hail Columbus!

Anonymous said...

Yet, how totalitarian (and ironic), that former Queens Borough President, and walking corpse (and now a REAL ONE), Helen Marshall robbed Kew Gardens Plaza of ALL civic virtue, when a statue that represented the banishment of ALL corruption and vice was flat bedded off to Green-Wood Cemetary, on Saturday, December 15, 2012, where it will be nearly six years of taxation without representation, regarding the statue's demand to stay exactly where it remained for nearly 71 years on Queens Boulevard.

Worse, it looks like the empowered idiots (who were supposed to repair and conserve the precious Italian marble statuary), slapped a white coat of paint on it, instead, marring the surface and integrity in ways that are worse than acid rain itself!

Someday in the far future, when all of the decades of political rot, decay, corruption, graft and monstrous greed will possibly leave Queens County and New York City, altogether (when human evolution finally prevails), then the newest generations will look back at our present 'Devolution of Society,' and cringe in horror that our taxpaying citizenry could have been so disrespected, depreciated and dismissed by a willfully hostile, 'Hijack-and-Hostage' government holding pattern that so completely betrayed all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency, that the entire system DEVALUED honesty itself. And, the public be damned (again and STILL)!

Right now, City Hall is so infected with rot, decay, entrenched and establishment-rigged corruption, that the only thing that could stop it is nuclear proliferation. That's why I am ready for another dimension (because government is a disease masquerading as its own cure). This is the worst country to live right now because our entirely false, fake and failed political-and-economic systems are on the verge of virtual and societal collapse.

Anonymous said...

We don't celebrate Columbus because he was the first to discover America any more than we celebrate Isaac Newton as the first to posit Universal Gravitation or Darwin as the first to hypothesize evolutionary change in species. We celebrate these men because they were the LAST to do these things.

Anonymous said...

@Rob in Manhattan
"Keep the statue...but stop the Nina, Pinta Santa-Maria bullshit. This guy meant nothing to us." Rob you are suffering from mass hysteria.

Anonymous said...

At dusk Columbus and his sailors sang the ancient Salve Regina hymn imploring the help of the mother of God in their unprecedented voyage of discovery. Another wonderful song performed by Placido Domingo celebrates the achievement of Columbus. See
It is from a 1980's network TV mini-series about Columbus since suppressed by Hollywood. God bless Columbus.

Anonymous said...

Vikings were here 500 years before Colombo, and there is plenty of evidence of Bronze Age mining in the Great Lakes area for copper then sent back to Europe.

JQ LLC said...

I would like to see a statue of Nikola Tesla.

Anonymous said...

If a statue of Nikola Tesla went up it would have to include a pigeon feeding station as he was famous for allowing them into his hotel room.
There's a small exhibit to him in the basement of the hotel on the corner of West 34th Street and 8th Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Could they please do the same for the Teddy Roosevelt statue in front of The Museum of Natural History?