Monday, October 29, 2018

Inside Queens strip clubs

From the Queens Tribune:

Nuni, who had begun to strip in her home state of Colorado while obtaining her bachelor’s degree, said she prefers “white strip clubs” over “black strip clubs” because of what happens behind closed doors.

According to Nuni, the clubs are labeled “black” or “white” based on the clientele. Manhattan strip clubs generally have a mostly white and wealthy clientele. She said the strippers at those clubs are 65 percent white, 10 to 20 percent black, 20 to 30 percent Latina and less than 10 percent Asian.

Queens is generally home to clubs that mostly feature black and dark-skinned Latina strippers with synthetic bodies, dancing for a mostly black and Latino clientele, usually with rappers and special guests in attendance.

Nuni said a big difference between the two types of clubs is the dancing.

“White strip cubs are mostly talking and black clubs are mostly twerking,” said Nuni.

Nuni, who was used to dancing in what she called “a liberal college town,” said she experienced a huge culture shock when she moved to New York and danced for the very first time at Angels.

“I had already danced on and off for three years so I felt like I was equipped to dance in New York,” said Nuni. “I danced for one day at Angels. It was terrible. I didn’t last more than five hours.”

When Nuni was called by Angels to come in, she said the manager told her she wouldn’t have to be topless. However, when she arrived wearing a red leather mini dress, she was asked, “You’re used to white clubs, aren’t you?” and was then told, “You need something more revealing like a two-piece, so put that on.”

In addition to the uncomfortable change of attire, Nuni said she was charged the $60 house fee at the start of the night. The house fee is a set number that dancers are expected to pay the club in order to dance there.

“I was surprised that the house fee was drastically low,” said Nuni. “If a club has a high house fee, it means they expect you to make a lot of money to pay them. But if a club has a low fee, it means they don’t want to hear you complain at the end of the night that you don’t have enough money to pay them.”

Nuni, who was used to walking up to men and engaging in conversation, said at Angels the strippers walked up to men who had stacks of one-dollar bills and just began dancing on them.

“I tried talking to some guys at first, but it was like they weren’t used to speaking to women,” said Nuni. “It was weird. I was confused. To me it was like I’m trying to make you feel special so you can spend money on me. Also, when you twerk for them, they get to touch you and at white strip clubs, it’s a no-no.”


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that college education is paying off for her here in NYC.

Anonymous said...

The irony of the Queens Tribune featuring an exposé on strip clubs is not lost on me. Talk about biting the hand that fed you!

Anonymous said...

"Inside asian massage parlors" . no youll never see that article

Anonymous said...

Sounds like racial profiling, and I thought we weren't allowed to do that under Mayor Doofus anymore?

Joe Moretti said...

So exactly what was the point of this poorly written article, because there seems to be no point what-so-ever. I mean nothing was learned about this, it did not give any new information, so again what is the point of this. A difference between white strip clubs versus non-white strip clubs, I don't get it, what am I missing.............Right nothing, just poor journalism on the part of a Queens rag.

The Nun said...

This article is posted here why exactly?

R185 said...

And, no comments about the demand side of this? Wealthier white guys who go there (AKA losers)?

JQ LLC said...

Re: Queens Tribune.

I thought so too. What I find hilarious is that the design of their website and this article kinda wants to be like The Atlantic or The Guardian.

I saw a funny strip club ad touting the appearance of Ronnie the Limo Driver from the Howard Stern Show. (Bababooey bababooey)

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for an article on the changing definition of whore house to Spa.

Gary w said...

So men are creeps, and minority men are creepier. Was that the point??

Any way I saw that Ronnie ad too gave me a good laugh

Anonymous said...

Not to make it a racial thing but violence tends to be much more common at what she describes as black strip clubs vs. the ones that have a mixed customer and dancer mix and no rappers.

georgetheatheist said...

Long live Honeysuckle Divine. Now that was a strip show! She'd shoot ping pong balls and Jergens lotion at the audience from her vagina. Ah, those were the days.

JQ LLC said...

At the nudie bar...

Apologies to women who will get offended. But remember, women wrote and directed many episodes of the classic show. (Especially in the later seasons directed by lesbian activist/feminist Amanda Bearse aka Marcy Rhodes Darcy)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Not to make it a racial thing but violence tends to be much more common at what she describes as black strip clubs vs. the ones that have a mixed customer and dancer mix and no rappers.

No you didnt make it a race thing. This article already was about race to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Who would you rather dance for? Wall Street banksters or Boyz From Da Hood?

Anonymous said...

The girls did ping pong ball things and even smoke rings at Lucky's Lounge. It was a little corner shack like joint on Queens Blvd across street from Cemetery. You had to bring your own booze and buy a membership ticket for $10.
Yes George it was the good old days.
Was that (Lucky's) the place?

Today you need a flack vest to go to these places, and they are total ripoffs.

Anonymous said...

R185: I highly recomend you listen to D12 lyrics. A lovable rap group that advicates abuse of women in every song. It's a melting pot of rich white guys (eminem leads the group) and some high income black guys.

And thank you for saving the world. It's likely you're white and typing from a neighborhood that was black 10 years ago, then leveled to make space for your condo.

georgetheatheist said...

Honeysuckle Divine, whom Al Goldstein labelled "The World's Dirtiest Broad", as far as I know, did not perform at Lucky's. BTW she is still alive at 80 years old. Check her out HERE.

I'd love to see some of our Queens distaff politicians performing that ping-pong ball act. Wouldntchu? Could raise a lot of moolah for their campaign loot, no? Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I'm with George.
And to add Honeysuckle Divine was more a comedy act then a strip show or porn.
She even played the flute and was actually entertaining.
What we have now with all the twirking, stalking, hawking, grabbing, rolling in these places today is absolutely disgusting!!
I will not go in one, here cheers to the good old days !!