Monday, October 1, 2018

Woodside megaproject being negotiated

From Sunnyside Post:

The size and scope of a large project proposed along Queens Boulevard in Woodside is currently being negotiated, with discussions of a smaller development with a public school on the table.

Council Member Robert Holden, who represents the district where Madison Realty Capital has proposed a two-tower project at 69-02 Queens Blvd., is working with the developer to decrease the development’s density and add an elementary or middle school at the site.

“We’ve been negotiating for the past month or so,” said Daniel Kurzyna, spokesperson for Holden. “They seem open to it.”

The project as currently envisioned includes a 17 and 14 story tower with a total of 561 apartments, of which 169 would be affordable. Some ground level commercial space is also part of the proposed project.

But the project, larger than what is permitted under current zoning, can only be built as planned if its rezoning application passes a lengthy public review process. The review process, however, is soon coming to an end, with a City Council vote scheduled some time before the end of the year.

Negotiations have mainly focused on shaving off some stories from the taller building and including the school in a district with an overcrowding issue.


JQ LLC said...

How about making it 2/3rd's affordable. There are way more poor and struggling middle class people in this borough and entire city than there are rich people who don't need gov't assistance to find an apt.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point JQ LLC!! These developers will get their way.

georgetheatheist said...

La nouvelle et "improved" Queens Boulevard = the Chumps Elysées.

C'est vrai.

TommyR said...

agreed. some people here treat building in affordability as an anathema but it's luxury development that destroys the social fabric of neighborhoods. I don't agree that the current MIH formula is reasonable, but it's better than turning over every area to foreign millionaires. And I say that a comfortable homeowner who doesn't believe sky rocketing property values are a good thing; I'd rather see people moving in who are actually going to patronize existing establishments and not clamour for a wholefoods or specialty high end store instead, leave that gentrifying crap to ruin the places it's already deeply embedded within!

Anonymous said...

>the Chumps Elysées.

I'm stealing that.