Thursday, October 18, 2018

Targeting Long Island's gang problem

From CBS 2:

Retired Suffolk County Police detective John Oliva specialized in gangs.

So why are gang members recruiting children as young as 10 or 11?

“It’s the age where can start getting into these kids’ heads,” Oliva said. “The recruitment sometimes occurs at home also. We’ve had it where three, four brothers in the same family part of the MS-13 street gang.”

Feride Castillo of the Empowerment Collaborative of Long Island works with young children in poverty.

“When we are talking about gangs, the dynamics are so complicated,” Castillo said. “We are talking about children sometimes even being born into families that are already involved in gangs.”

“It’s kind of hard dealing with the struggle and stuff like that, because, you know, you come from a gang-related home,” 13-year-old “Maria” said. “Like, oh I want to be popular, so I am going to be in the gang.”

Some females but mostly males make up Long Island’s estimated 1,000 gang members. Protection from bullying, a desperate need to belong and a yearning for respect are all reasons why Sergio Argueta joined at age 13 and led a gang for five years in Hempstead.

“A mode of survival is fight or flight, right? And oftentimes, kids are getting tired of being bullied, of getting picked on,” Argueta said.


Anonymous said...

Well if they had just been deported like they were supposed to then we would not have this problem. Instead the state gives them welfare and Pats them on the back for being "vibrant and diverse".

Tony Notaro said...

The last name Castillo...that's all you need to know about who created the gang problem.

Anonymous said...

"Stronger Together", right Hillary and the Dems? I'm sure these are not illegals.

Anonymous said...

But the machine wants us to break the law to help them, and is blocking trumps effort to see how many of them are on the voting roles, and is busy starving the community of quality of life issues to that plenty of money is taken from you and me for them and their families.

I vote Democratic every time because my councilman tells me they are our generation's version of the Grapes of Wrath. Simple migrants looking for a better life for them and their families.

Anonymous said...

Castello - Italian for castle
Notaro - Italian for scribe

We've cracked the case, boys. Tony here is behind it all!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to deport them, since this is a Sanctuary City. Watch the number of gang members grow. Unless we deport them, we are screwed. Build the Wall.

kapimap said...

Y'all got it all wrong,again. Gangs are formed to protest their neighhood from outsiders who wants to eff with them.

So a fairly new immigrant population of central Americans, landing in mostly black hempstead, decides not to take crap from no one,gang up to show force,and stop getting stepped on. American way,no?

When roving gangs of Italians and Irish do the same,it's not a problem.but add a little
"Color" it's a hell no attitude.

The only problem I see is the killing off of your own kind.

Joe Moretti said...

One of the worst reporting I have seen. Nothing new learned there and nothing from elected officials or police. I mean what was the point of this middle school reporting. Yeah, we know it is a problem, tell us something we don't know or what is going to be done about it. Very piss poor reporting.

Anonymous said...

Thats your "diversity" "open borders" and multicultural scantuarys being rammed down our ass by democrats. Watch stupid NY voters reward them once again in November.
They are all over Suffolk county, even Greenport where after dark you'll need protection and a Kevlar flack vest to get out your car or get ambushed at a red light.
The Brentwood, Southold, South Hampton, Riverhead and Greenport cops & politicians wont do shit because all there family's & kids live in town and these cops cant take their PD issued guns home or arm their family's with effective arms.
(the MS-13 carry automatics, AK 47s, knives and machetes)
---All kinds of bullshit under elected lax corrupt democrats, its actually worse then NYC now.

Ned said...

"Instead the state gives them welfare and Pats them on the back"
More then that!
They get Medicaid (Medicaid managed Health First) , Dental (dentaquest) , EBT cards to buy stuff, free lawyers and everything else.
Meanwhile on Long Island a self employed hard working with a small home must pay $15,000 a year for shitty $12,000 deducible marketplace health insurance plus $20,000 State, County & school taxes to pay for them.
All because of shitheads electing democrats!!

These are NOT our generation's version of the Grapes of Wrath; they are parasites, animals, garbage, and locust people, the democrats personal para-military.
Hillary and all your Congressmen standing behind podiums, TV camera's or iron gates with armed guards are all fulla shit. Socialists waltzing the path to Venezuela in order sink us all down to one equal level.
--then impose the solution: Cradle to grave SOCIALISM!

Trump is 100% correct on this gang & illegal immigration issue
Get it right and through you thick heads!!


Anonymous said...

"migrants looking for a better life for them and their families"
Bullshit you mean savage predators that have exhausted all there feeding resources back home now on the move in search of more. This is why they must immigrate legally through the system with sponsors who will pay for them if they fuck up. Vetted and checked for skills, disease, criminal background history like my grandparents.
No jumping the line or fence

The offspring of all this garbage are now committing armed robbery, assault and murder as young as age 10 --just like back in the home country!!
"looking for a better life" --I THINK NOT!

Juvenile detention centers are being packed and busting at the seams and I think maybe that why the mayor wants Rikers Island. He knows what happening in California, Delaware and Illinois is coming here. Check out this link.

Anonymous said...

Call ICE, and f-the local Dem enablers. Arrest them too if they get in the way. If you don't like the immigration laws of the United States, change them.

kapimap said...

Everyone should be very happy we dont have the gang problems other states have. This ain't no east la gangland.

Anonymous said...

***Call ICE, and f-the local Dem enablers***

The shit town Supervisors also refuse to ask for help because all the farmers, restaurants, hotels out on the east end (usually all relatives of the politicians & cops) are using illegals.
They dont want immigration lurking around and ITS A MESS !!

Springs (Town of East Hampton) is infested so bad it looks like a town in Puebla Mexico, raw garbage and cesspool septic runs in the streets because of 20, 30 people living in bungalows. BIG rats & Raccoons at night !!!

Anonymous said...

NEQ has plenty of cocaine tatoo boys