Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Brooklyn neighborhood under siege

From PIX11:

This was not a forum on issues within public housing, of which there are many, but instead an attempt to focus specifically on private homeowners and tenants.

The frustration circulating through the room came to a boil when it came to deed theft – and the army of sketchy real estate investors residents say prey on struggling homeowners.

“Some of us have identified a single player who is a responsible for a disproportionate amount of skullduggery in Bedford Stuyvesant,” said Brooklyn resident Joe Gonzalez.

“The third party transfer program, broadly speaking, is really mean to protect tenants of these buildings that have been severely distressed,” said Deputy Director of NYC Neighborhood Strategies Leila Bozorg.

Inevitably, the conversation turned to the topic of gentrification, who’s responsible for it – and what can be done to neutralize the impact on private homeowners and tenants, who can no longer afford to live in their own neighborhoods.

On Brooklyn resident told the crowd, “The miseducation of the community is systemic. And the lack of empathy by the politicians has accelerated gentrification in our area. So it’s gonna be hard to stop the foreclosure process right now, because once you start feeding a beast a particular diet, it’s hard to change that diet.”


Anonymous said...

Let the crapification of Brooklyn continue.

I remember when nobody would even want to drive through bedstuy and now liberals are dying to get there. They are just pretend new Yorkers. They don't understand that just because you live in NY, doesnt mean you are a new Yorker.

Anonymous said...

As someone said recently, the stores are closing in Brooklyn, and getting replaced by something upscale.

In Queens, they are closing too. And getting replaced by something a bit lower on the economic ladder.

Anonymous said...

The cost of living in NY is going up every single day but businesses are not required to give raises to account for cost of living expense. There is a point where you just can't afford the city any longer. Those looking for a freeze on rents aren't going to see it.

Why do we pay more for the MTA when there aren't improvements, because the government doesn't want to pay for it with tax dollars. We are too busy renting hotel rooms and giving out welfare for those with multiple kids. As the federal government keeps cutting back on these areas taxpayer money is being spent on them. I haven't seen a break in my property tax until it maxes out then to start all over again.

Looking at different areas to move. Take the 2 hour commute from PA or NJ to get here... traffic is 1 hour nowadays either way,

JQ LLC said...

The big ass irony is that the (neo)liberals who are moving there feigns to care about the struggles and injustices that african-americans and latinos go through more than whites like them (especially that metrosexual hipster chick that everyone there booed).

And the real thing about this is that the people in that video don't know who the predator is because of the lack of transparency regarding LLC's. (Could be some oligarch creep from Saudi Arabia, China or Russia hiding their ill-gotten and tax avoiding gains)

Anonymous said...

The middle class is under attack !

Anonymous said...

Check out why the Democratic Party has sold out to the disadvantaged: