Tuesday, March 5, 2019

It's only March, and murders and rapes are up


NY Post


City homicides have spiked nearly 30 percent through the first two months of 2019, leaving the NYPD scrambling to redeploy cops to troubled areas to stanch the bloodshed, the department said Monday in its monthly crime-stats briefing.

Through Sunday, the five boroughs have seen 53 murders this year, a 29.3-percent jump from the 41 slayings logged over the same period in 2018, according to the latest NYPD numbers.

The year’s troubling trend began in January, which saw 22.7 percent more murders than the first month of 2018. The situation grew even worse in February, which registered 24 murders — or 50 percent more than the 16 logged in February 2018.

The homicide hike even gave pause to Mayor de Blasio, who often touts New York as “the safest big city in America.”

“The bad news is, we see some areas of real concern, particularly when it comes to homicide,” Hizzoner said. “We take that very, very seriously.”

Fifteen of this year’s 53 homicides, or 28.3 percent, were gang-related, while a dozen, or 22.6 percent, were classified as domestic, the department said.

Drug deals turned deadly accounted for 9.4 percent.
The remaining 39.7 percent of slayings weren’t placed into a specific category by the NYPD.

 Rapes are up by 18.8 percent — but have been for months in what the NYPD has welcomed as an increased willingness to report sex assaults in the #MeToo era, particularly in domestic situations.

“With crime at a record low in New York City, there is still more work to do to ensure that every New Yorker feels safe in their neighborhood,” de Blasio said. 

Safest Big City in America?? More like the new bad days

And where was #MeToo when thousands of rapes were reported in the bad old days?


Anonymous said...

No surprise- there are no consequences for gun crime anymore under Dublazio. It might be "inequality" or violate people's civil rights if you arrest and incarcerate them for this.

Jon said...

Stay calm people.

The percentage of murders against the total population and whether a bunch of events occurred at the same time are important to look at.

Saying "murders are up 100%" does not tell you anything if there were 0 murders last year or of there were 1000 murders last people.

Also, if 90% of the murders happened in one single incident that could throw off all the numbers for year.

People see these specs and freak out and start this "tough on crime" crap where we make emotional decisions and not pragmatic ones.

We want to reduce crimes related to drugs? Decriminalize it. Want to reduce domestic violence...keep improving support for victims or potential victims of domestic crimes.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of something former police commissioner Ben (Bubba)Ward said at a press conference. "The crime rate is increasing at a declining rate"

you cannot make this shit up...

Anonymous said...

Numbers look great when you do not count any crimes but ignore them.

Anonymous said...

did you expect anything less from Dumblasio? worst mayor in decades, maybe ever

Anonymous said...

A few years ago the dept asked for people who were community minded to join. They said they didn’t want the person who was out there to lock people up and be gug ho. Now you have your midgets, weaklings and idealists wh don’t know and dont want to know what police work is. You combine that with so called de escalation techniques and decriminaliziation and you have an empowered gruop of criminals.Now we all will pay the piper.

M. How said...

Now that we are a Sanctuary City, illegals and gangs are left alone to be "free" to do what they want without any consequences.
However, those that bear the consequences of a Sanctuary City are those who pay the taxes.
When will government learn? Probably never since they are isolated from the crime of murder and rape that the ordinary citizenry experiences.
It's a sad state of affairs when the ordinary citizenry gets to pay for those who pay for nothing. The ordinary citizenry has to put up with living in a Sanctuary Prison. Further, there is no extra special protection offered from the powers that be who do have extra special protection. Life ain't fair.

Anonymous said...

The numbers haven't changed. So many crimes have always went unreported in NYC. The only reason why you're seeing "higher crime" statistics is only because people record every single incident on their phones anymore. The police have been hiding real statistics from the people for many years because it keeps up the values of the neighborhoods. Now they are finding out that they have to report more things because everything is now all over social media.

Anonymous said...

Italian mafia controls Nypd that should tell you they hide their own murders and the gangs they control. A bunch of violent murders happen behind closed doors. Heck them racist white italians could even be killing hispanic whole families for fun and homicide rate will always be low.