Saturday, March 2, 2019

City restores incremental "affordable housing" plan following Amazon's termination of HQ2


The city’s plan to bring a thousand residential units and a mix of industrial space to Long Island City is back on the table after Amazon last month announced it will not open a complex in the neighborhood. James Patchett, the president of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, said during the Crain’s New York Business breakfast on Thursday that the city will forge ahead with its original plan of bringing a mix of businesses and homes to the Queens neighborhood, Gothamist reported.

Three years ago, the city issued a request for proposals for development on two city-owned sites along 44th Drive in Long Island City at a waterfront area known as Anable Basin. In the summer of 2017, officials selected developer TF Cornerstone’s project, which involved constructing a $925 million mixed-use complex across 1.5 million square feet.

According to the Economic Development Corporation, the project was intended to provide 1,000 units of housing (with 25 percent made affordable), 100,000 square feet of light industrial space, 400,000 square feet of commercial space, a new 600-seat school, retail space, and an acre of open space along the waterfront. The plan would require zoning changes in order to move forward.


Anonymous said...

That explains why the local politicians rejected amazon. To let their cronies developers make a profit. Large campaign contributions ahead!

Anonymous said...

yeah and maybe 3 of these units will be "affordable"

Anonymous said...

I agree. There are so many "affordable housing" apartments that are located in "affordable" housing that are left half empty because they have a hard time finding people who fit into the required income guidelines to rent them out. I get the idea of affordable housing and I do think it needs to be done and could be handy IF it's done in a better and more fair way.

Anonymous said...

"That explains why the local politicians rejected amazon. To let their cronies developers make a profit. Large campaign contributions ahead!"

Exactly, Gianaris is an errand boy for the sleazo developers that are making Astoria a slum.

Anonymous said...

exactly now we know JVB needed his kickback from this development. He didn't care about what's been happening in LIC and sunnyside, pricing out long time residents but Amazon! on no!!

25% affordable - these will be at the 130 area median income which no one truly needing affordable housing will be able to afford.

The term affordable housing truly needs to be updated, these will not be affordable units and those that are cheering the Amazon defeat you will be priced out anyway. Even if 5,000 of those jobs went to NYers it would have been better than zero.

Anonymous said...

Gianaris and job are supported and owned by RENY. RENY owns many of the most influential political cronies in nyc.i said all along it was about the pocket money.