Saturday, October 13, 2018

Lawsuit filed over rowdy group home

From PIX11:

Recording from their living room window, the Wlodys say they’re fed up with their neighbors. Right next door, sharing a wall with the Wlody’s in Howard Beach, is a group home for developmentally disabled adults, run by Birch Family Services.

Since 2013, the Wlodys say their home, once a sanctuary, turned to hell. They say thousands of photos and videos they’ve recorded themselves illustrate what occurs almost daily.

“It’s upsetting. It’s also traumatizing. The thuds, the crashes and the screaming that carries on for the longest time,” said Corinne Wlody.

The Wlodys say they have witnessed staff at the group home use abusive language and exhibit near violent behavior.

They say they’re concerned for the vulnerable residents and want the public and the families of the residents to know what is really happening behind closed doors.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Alot of shit goes down in those places. Dont think just because it's the 21st century that stuff from American horror story doesnt go down in places like this, in mental wards and in nursing homes anymore. The state doesnt care. I just finished reading an article where the judge got frustrated with the NYCHA housing attorney because he was trying to blame lead in the waters on the residents! So no, the state of ny doesnt care about anybody until someone dies and/or a huge lawsuit is staring at them.

Joe Moretti said...

I mean why would a group home like that be allowed to be placed in a duplex, let alone on what looks like a nice quiet residential street. Only in shitty NYC would something like this be allowed to happen and then nothing gets done about it and obviously a shady organization that needs investigated. It never ceases to amaze me of the crap that goes on in this shitty city. Unfortunately I think we are looking at the new world order.

Anonymous said...

"They say they’re concerned for the vulnerable residents and want the public and the families of the residents to know what is really happening behind closed doors." so did they ever call 911 and report the abuse? If they did and they were willing to be witnesses to whatever they observed happening, why were no arrests made?

Anonymous said...

The city wont do anything which is why they should turn to the state for help.

Anonymous said...

betcha if you research the owner of the property, and cross reference their real estate links, a pattern will emerge that supports the use of placing filth into a clean community to motivate sales of "white flight" homes.

its all about "making space", here or in other parts of the world.

its THEM.

Anonymous said...

Live across the airshaft of a family with a disabled son who howls at the moon whopping and hollering all sorts of stuff and banging away on the walls at any time.

People have left his building over this.

JQ LLC said...

Joe and anon 5 nails this perfectly. Because placing a makeshift mental hospice in a duplex house makes absolutely no sense. And there is clearly some dirty machinations going on here with this non-profit that they would warehouse mentally unstable people in there. And from the sounds of the tape, it sounds like they are shuffling new people every week and the caretakers are abusive.

The stench of the Gentrification Industrial Complex is strong here too.

These mentally ill people should be put in that facility building by the Belt parkway entrance.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between being mentally ill and being developmentally disabled (retarded).

JQ LLC said...

Last anon.

That's true too and apologies for mistaking that. You know what's interesting, there is a center at the end of Cross Bay Blvd in Howard Beach (where the Big Bow Wow used to be) that has a center for Autism. Interesting with all the commercial space there on the boulevard that these non-profits gather funding to open a building for mentally disabled but would prefer to contract some people to house and move unstable people in a duplex home.

This arrangement is just as bad as the homeless shelter that is going to open on 101 ave in Ozone Park.

Anonymous said...

Dollars and cents. The Autism center is probably there because the rents are way too high for businesses and non-profits are funded by govt. There are group homes for the developmentally disabled like this Birch one all over. Folks are mourning Frank Padavan this week. Read the "Padavan" law about group home siting and you'll see why neighborhoods can't stop them. The whole thing with them is also about dollars and cents. The state is the willing buyer of the properties and there are WILLING sellers who profit by getting more for the homes than they would otherwise get and don't care that they harm the neighborhood by selling to the state.

Nat said...

Thank goodness it stopped, but try living below furniture mover. Scape, scrape, scrape. Sometimes three in the morning. With intermittent crashes. Scrape, scrape, scrape.

Anonymous said...

This abuse is appalling! Not only should BIRCH FAMILY SERVICES be punished, but they should be shut down. How dare they attach this group home to a private residence. If that yelling and screaming from this video is an indication of the living conditions for the couple suing, it must be a nightmare. You'll never see this type of set up next to any Birch executive's homes. I would definitely not put up with this nonsense.