Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another large building coming to Queens Blvd

From The Real Deal:

A partnership between the Chetrit Group and Queens developer Mount Sinai Properties pre-filed permits to build a 122-unit apartment complex at the former site of the Queens Motor Inn.

The partners are looking to build an 11-story residential building at 43-21 64th Street in Woodside, just a few blocks the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The planned structure would contain 122 apartments, according to documents filed with the Department of Buildings. Plans call for a nearly 99,000-square-foot property with about 95,000 square feet for residential space and 3,400 square feet of commercial space. Amenities at the property include recreation rooms on the eighth floor and a rooftop space, according to the plans. The ground floor commercial space is earmarked for a car showroom.

Chetrit and Mount Sinai acquired the property, which used to have the address of 64-11 Queens Boulevard, for $13.4 million in August of last year. Demolition permits were filed for the two-story building on the site in August of 2016. The property used to house the Queens Motor Inn, a motel that rented rooms by the hour.


JQ LLC said...

Space once occupied by a cheap ass motel is worth 13 million dollars??!!! These monetary speculations seem to be inspired by injesting shrooms and freebasing cocaine.

Those scamps at the Chetrit Group once tried to rename and rebrand the South Bronx into the "Piano district" and held a repulsive gilded age art gallery and party event for it, while actual homeless people were still lying around nearby the gala.

Anonymous said...

Top bad the motel closed- where will the homeless live rent free now?
If the so called homeless are housed in motels they are no longer homeless but keep the moniker for maximum endless government handouts.
Those of us living in rental property should get a similar name that would allow us to milk the government too.Any ideas on what we would call it? Or will tax payer be good enough?

Anonymous said...

It should become real affordable housing not a shelter. We dont need anymore shelters in this area.

The Ghost of Le Corbusier said...

"Any ideas on what we would call it?"

The "new" Queens Boulevard? George the Atheist hit the name recently squarely on the head:

Les Chumps-Élysées.

Joe Moretti said...

AND going to the article above this one....................AND there will be no update to infrastructure to handle the extra stress of yet another big building. Such a majorly poorly run city.

Anonymous said...

How and why is Mt. Sinai involved in this?

Anonymous said...

How and why is Mt. Sinai involved in this?

How about this scenario? They are hooked into 'tha boys' like everything else in this Godforsaken boro and are likely to get some tax breaks, or a sweetheart facility deal here after your reps in Albany pull some strings for them on your dime.

Anonymous said...

Les Chumps-Élysées.

How about Les Chinese-Eyesores.

Go to Queens Blvd and Grand/Broadway intersection - that is the future of Queens. Queens Blvd will be one long exhibit of Chinese architecture taste.

Compare it to Grand Concourse or Broadway. Queens always comes out as ghetto. A toxic mix of equal parts of clueless & stupid, fresh off the boat, and a ripe mixture of a century of festering Tammany Hall.

TommyR said...

Chinese Architecture Taste?

The buildings are fine enough - I don't see dancing dragons and pagodas dripping off of every corner, do you? They look like tall, modern buildings - not pretty to my eyes, but certainly not NYCHA eyesores or glass monstrosities. I don't really want to see glass-paneling everywhere, nor is a behemoth of monotonous brick a particularly lovely aesthetic. So that leaves your basic concrete bones, stucco clad, modestly-sized windows with itty-bitty balconies kind of model.

That's not to say I necessarily WANT any (more) of these cropping up, but if I had to choose, something like "The Elm East" is the least unpalatable.

Shouldn't we be happy that the formerly do-nothing motel is being replaced with housing? Yes, it'll certainly strain infrastructure (what doesn't), but that's an argument long rendered futile, especially when you're talking about properties ON the boulevard itself. Being indigent in and of itself isn't a deplorable condition - it's being belligerent that is. If they must make it somewhere, affordable housing isn't the worst place to start, since the City will never, ever embrace any kind of sustainable, limited-population policy.

BTW the City tells me my home's now worth just a 100k shy of a mil. It is to laugh.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any images of what the new building is planned to look like; but it can't be any worse than the current eyesore. Look at it - flat, boxy, not an ounce of decoration or embellishment, and brick painted pink on top of all that.