Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jackson Heights taxi graveyard is an eyesore

From CBS 2:

If you’re looking for a taxi ride in New York City, you may have to look elsewhere. There are a whole lot of taxis, but none of them parked at the block-long abandoned gas station have license plates or even medallions.

It’s become a makeshift taxi graveyard, and frustrated people who live and work in the area have been unable to get the city to do anything.

Political Reporter Marcia Kramer demanded answers from a number of city agencies. Officials claim many of the taxis were owned by Gene Friedman, a controversial Russian-American businessman once dubbed the “Taxi King.”

In his heyday, Friedman was a major donor to Mayor de Blasio who raised more than $70,000 for hizzoner. He partnered with President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who city officials believe may now own some of the abandoned vehicles.


Anonymous said...

When the connected politicians cannot move a taxi graveyard, who can?

JQ LLC said...

Who would have thought that what actually ruined Donald Trump's fixer Michael Cohen would be the city's stupid avoidance of regulating the app-cab industry and capping the amount of cars they hire. Which is what led to this cab graveyard.

Tony Notaro said...

Things like this are commonplace in Colombia,Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador etc... So they just want to feel like home

Anonymous said...

Just proves you can do anything you want-- good and bad-- with your private real estate in NYC. There is absolutely nothing to stop you, and minimal authority allowing the government to do anything.

Anonymous said...


Joe Moretti said...

AND this is why after awhile, no one gives a shit about this shitty city or wants to bother doing anything to correct it. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING ever gets done. I mean why was this allowed to happen in the first place and why does it take so long to take care of this, which can be taken care of in one night. I mean there are several laws being broken in regards to this.

Just another example of why this city keeps going to hell, there is no one minding the store anymore. No enforcement, yet elected officials always wants to create more laws or raise fines. I mean do you think the owner of this place has paid that fine, HELL NO.

Folks, if you can, MOVE out of NY NOW. If you are working, do your time and get the fuck out of here. It is a big country and a big world, plenty of nice places to live where every single penny does not have to go to housing. AND what do you get for buck, a shitty place in a crowded noisy hood, crap Broadway juke box musicals, a subway system on it's last leg with no end in sight, two awful airports, the worst roads/sidewalks in the country and tons of Duane Reades, Dunkin Donuts, 99 cent stores, a million craft breweries (like we need more) and more assorted crap one does not need.

Anonymous said...

Thank Uber. Taxis be, like, dead!

Anonymous said...

As if a gas station is not an eyesore in itself? I bet this location is much less disruptive to the residential neighbors in its current state than the gas station was.

Is there a law that you can't park these vehicles on private commercial property? I mean it is a gas station, designed