Saturday, October 6, 2018

Gianaris suddenly concerned about LIC's dearth of open space

From the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria) and several Long Island City community organizations are urging the city to include park space in Court Square as the neighborhood continues to grow at an unprecedented pace.

Gianaris called on the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Department of Transportation to renovate public land located underneath the Queensboro Bridge ramps between 23rd Street and Thompson Avenue and turn it into public space to reflect a proposal made in the 1999 Department of City Planning study.

“Long Island City is one of our fastest growing neighborhoods and we must ensure community needs are met as we grow,” Gianaris said Sept. 21. “More public park space must be part of the planning process and utilizing this parcel would be a great way to start.”

The public-owned lots are currently used by the city Department of Transportation and while the city can not build on them, it has proposed transferring air rights to The Lions Group, which plans on building two residential towers at 27-01 and 26-31 Jackson Ave. The Court Square Civic Association organized a rally against that plan last Saturday at the corner of Dutch Kills Street and Jackson Avenue.


Anonymous said...

A marketing ploy - they want to inflate the amount of park 'space' by landscaping under bridge ramps - you know the place that the NYPD used to use as pounds for cars covered with pigeon shit.

Kinda looks bad to put in a million sq ft each year, laying concrete on places that used to be set aside for parks, and not creating anything that could, if you close your eyes and stretch your imagination, could be called a 'park'.

This guy is a hack. An errand boy who spends his time in Albany 'fixing' legislation for 'the boys' - all on your taxpayer's dime. Cannot think of anything behind that vacant smile, or anything useful this guy had done in the too many years he has sat on an office squandering effort that theoretically should be of benefit to constituents.

Anonymous said...

Is that F**K-FACE still holding onto his unearned, undeserved, cradle-to-grave public office for what is tantamount to 'lunch-and-a-manicure' as a stressful day in Long Island City? No wonder this already ravaged-and-tonsured city of shit people, shit living and shit quality of life has made hell look like heaven!

This public fool gives MENDACITY a bad name (not to mention how completely un-American and anti-American he proves himself to be, as soon as he wakes up every day)!

Anonymous said...

Simotas is another empty cipher.

They vote up there for whatever the guys with the big cigars put in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Term Limmits for everyone !

Anonymous said...

More open spaces so homeless can sleep or Greeks play backgammon