Sunday, October 14, 2018

168-unit building to replace Astoria warehouse

From Queens Beans:

David Kronman of Astoria West LLC is working on a new Astoria project. The building will be addressed at 11-37 31st Avenue and it will be 91-feet tall and it will span over 110,000 square feet once completed. The designer for the project is Christopher Fogarty of Fogarty Finger Architecture. The development is a ground-up project set to replace an existing two-story building. There will be 168 residential units on site.


JQ LLC said...

Fogarty Finger is the go-to firm for designing micro-apartments, where beds, tables and dressers are compartmentalized, for all these new affordable luxury buildings and possibly the inspiration for all the wanton gut renovations of what were once rent-stabilized spacious apartments in regular buildings. The people behind these claustrophobic style designs apparently feel that this is the new standard for living in a metropolis and the owners think that it should come with the ludicrous inflated market rate price for it.

People need to wake the fuck up.

Henry22 said...

Subway stations nearby?? What's their definition of 'nearby'??
And people who live in that area walk to the Broadway station if they take the N, not the 30th Ave station.
Anyway, good for them putting up more buildings in the area. It's generally a dump over there despite the influx of newer buildings the past decade.

Anonymous said...

I dunno why they cant use it for something useful like another warehouse to bring jobs. It would be an ideal area for one of those food delivery services since it's not too far from Manhattan.

mt said...

The building they tore down used to be where the LinkNYC kiosks were manufactured/assembled. I don't know how many jobs that drew but I'd be interested in knowing where that operation moved to. I'm guessing they moved it to West Maspeth, but for now it seems they stopped altogether. They had been installing as many as 100 new LinkNYC kiosks a month all over town but not a single one has gone up in over two months. They even took a few down.

Anonymous said...

People need to wake the fuck up.

Its Astoria where community preservation is summed up" "Whahtayagoinado?"

Will not happen.

Now go back to sharing a picture of the Triboro Bridge at sunset or mom and her girlfriends at the Astoria pool back in the 50s.

Anonymous said...

That address doesn't exist

Anonymous said...

>Its Astoria where community preservation is summed up" "Whahtayagoinado?"

This isn't exactly a beautiful, historical building.

>That address doesn't exist

Try 11-38 31st Ave.