Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bus shelters being inspected after collapse

From AMNY:

About 1,400 bus shelters across the city have been shut down for safety inspections after one collapsed earlier this month in Staten Island.

JCDecaux, which operates all of the city’s 3,500 bus shelters, discovered bolts in the Staten Island shelter that appeared to be corroded, according to company spokesperson George Arzt. No one was injured when the glass and metal shelter collapsed on Oct. 5, Arzt said.

About 3 percent of the first 1,000 shelters inspected revealed corrosion in bolts. He said those have been repaired and reopened.

Back in 2005, the city selected Cemusa to build and maintain street furniture including bus shelters and newsstands. JCDecaux acquired Cemusa several years ago.

The company is initially focusing on the first generation of shelters, but all 3,500 will be reviewed.


Gino said...

Cheap bastards, crooks & dummys cheated on stainless steel screws nuts, locknuts and star-washers on the structural hardware
Whoever signed off on these installations needs to be fired because they are unqualified for the jobs they doing. All they needed to inspect was operate a pocket magnet & torque wrench.

How the hell to these inspectors & project managers get these jobs with no skills or engineering knowledge? This is the same shod unskilled nonsense you see down in Puerto Rico and the Islands where one good wind blows 1/2 the houses down (they then ask the USA for $$, pocket that $$ and build shit again)


Anonymous said...

Ok how about inspection on all the subways too since ceilings keep collapsing on everyone's head. Also, have you ever seen how dirty the main street station is? You go up the escalator and all this dust and dirt is all over. Its quite disgusting. The mta pays so much money for clean up workers but no station is ever cleaned properly. Its ashamed especially since the mta pays so much money in ot to their workers too.

Anonymous said...

The DOT rushed to get them built all over and they discover now that they aren't safe. Come on now. Who got paid to look the other way and approve these shelters? The city knows who and wont say !!

JQ LLC said...

They did look fancy while they lasted. I still can't get Jennifer Lawrence out of my mind because her ad where she was coming out of the water was being played incessantly on the LED screens on most of them.

Tony Notaro said...

Third world city...third world bus shelters

Anonymous said...

They need to make side-less bus shelters, with ads in the ceiling and columns, fo rnarrow streets