Thursday, October 11, 2018

Homeless woman is sick of De Blasio's BS

From PIX11:

Nathylin Flowers Adesegun says she organized the Friday protest with Vocal NYC, a homelessness advocacy group because she said they are fed up.

At 72 years old, Adesegun is herself homeless, living in a women’s shelter in Queens after being evicted from her rent stabilized apartment back in February 2015.

Adesegun said the group wants 24,000 units from new construction in our city to be used for homeless and low income people and cornering the mayor at the gym was the only way to get his attention.

Bill de Blasio was caught on camera on Thursday brushing off Adesegun, telling her “I’m in the middle of doing my workout. I’m sorry. I can’t do this now.”

The video then shows De Blasio’s security officers stepping in front of the woman as the Democratic mayor gets up and walks away, cell phone in hand.

Adesegun says it worked. She says the group received a call from city hall and was told a meeting would be arranged with the mayor.

However, when PIX11 called a city hall spokesperson to confirm those details, we were told VOCAL NYC will meet with city hall officials and not necessarily the mayor.

Adesegun said they’re not interested in being strung along any further. On October 24th the group plans to protest in front of Gracie Mansion.


Anonymous said...

She wants housing for homeless people and low income people? They put them up in hotels for 115 bucks per night and SHE wants housing? What about all those who are BARELY getting by with their rents every month? How about you protest for people like that too? And these people are NOT just low income people, they are hardworking individuals who are working 2 jobs just to afford to live....they are the ones who should be even more pissed than anyone else because they pay all the shitty taxes. They are the ones who are paying for these homeless people to live in shelters while they have to live paycheck to paycheck. Mayor dumbdumb has done nothing good for anyone in this city except for developers. His whole affordable housing is a joke. What really needs to be done is take these homeless people who dont belong in this state or country and send them back to their own home. Let their states or countries pay for them to have housing. One half of the homeless here arent even from ny. Start doing that, then that will clean up some of this mess. Then he needs to start making apartments affordable again by deporting the illegals who live 2 families in a 2 bedroom apartment or 4 grown ass men living in a one bedroom apartment. This too will free up alot of space and might make rents stabilized a bit more again because that will get rid of about 500000 people in this city who shouldnt be here to begin with.

JQ LLC said...

I am not at all surprised at the utter lack of observation about all the news reports about what this brave woman and her allies did. What VocalNY did here was expose that de Faustio doesn't have time to talk to his constituents, especially the ones that have been devastated and ruined by his disingenuous promises, but he still has time during his fake yoga workout to talk to whoever is on the phone he's holding.

I sent this to the NY Daily News, Ny Post, and Grace Rauh of NY1, the latter two who managed to get the FOIA for his damning emails between him and his moronic image managing cult-like staffers.

Two recent "affordable housing" buildings have opened up in the past few weeks in DUMBo and by Hell's Kitchen, the first which has studios STARTING at over $2,000 a month and the latter with studios starting at over a grand but only available to people with incomes between 39 and 55 grand. Explain to me how this is supposed to alleviate the homeless population, which as this woman shows, is disenfranchising local citizens and not transients looking to milk the city.

JQ LLC said...

This was the best thing to happen to de Faustio since the day that lady Vicky yelled at his big slow dumb ass on the street in Whitestone. As the news media were forced to stand behind a barricade.

Anonymous said...

How does she get so close to the mayor? She clearly isn't there to work out. His security is asleep at the switch.

I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing Bill DeBlasio's chicken legs.

User1 said...

While I feel for this woman, she has been in the homeless system for 3 years now according to this article. 3 years of us paying for her housing.
This is the bigger issue, if these people are not getting out of these shelters the population will continue to increase and the cost of maintaining them will get higher. At a certain point you need to be responsible for your actions and try to make choices for the better. At 72 I'm sure she is collecting some amount of social security, food stamps, medical aid etc. She will never be able to afford the rent in this city and should be looking for options to go out to another state. Where are friends or family to stay with, did she have kids? There is something missing from this story. Great that you want more affordable housing but even if it's achieved it will never be less than $1,000 again when the average cost is over 2K for a 1 bedroom. As the first poster said the middle class is living paycheck to paycheck these days but our concern is about getting more affordable units for those not trying to make their own way. The right to shelter laws need to end and the amount of time in these supportive shelters just like welfare needs to be limited. It's great to want to help everyone but people also need to make smarter choices with their lives and stop looking for others to solve their issues. If you can't afford to get by in this city move before you end up in a homeless situation figure out something. I know some issues are out of our control but that's can't be the case for everyone taking advantage of the right to shelter laws.

Anonymous said...


Joe Moretti said...

LOTS of shit and bullshit going on here. First Mayor asshole shows once again how big of an asshole he is, that he cannot even take time to talk to constituents and that his whole platform he ran on was total bullshit.

Second and I have said this many times before, why can't we see the statistics of the homeless, like how many are actually from out of state or country, who have plopped into the most expensive city in the country with no means of support and gets the home state/country off the hook, like the asshole druggie parents from New Hampshire whose twin daughters were killed in a cluster site in the Bronx, because they wanted freebies from New York. This archaic system of "right to shelter" has to go. The places with the worst homeless problems are such places like LA, San Fran, Seattle, etc. This only makes the homeless issue worse for those places while taking the burden of the places where these people came from. This city like others have yet to properly address the homeless issue at all, just dumb band-aid solutions.

As far as the 72 year old woman, I mean she was tossed out of a rent stabilized apartment and with the cost of living here, no wonder she has been in a shelter for three years, BUT again, that is the cities fault. No one should be in a shelter for more than a year. AND yes, some people do need to move to less expensive places (even though more and more places are becoming expensive, there still are less expensive place in the US to live). But at 72, and probably not much income coming in, that is going to be tough for this woman.

AND $2000 for a dumbo studio is NOT AFFORDABLE, not even close. To be able to live in that place, eat, pay bills, etc, one would need to make at least $90,000 a year, at least. And a studio in Hells Kitchen for $1000, again, NOT affordable. One would have to make at least $55,000 minimum.

Face it, NYC is totally fucked up and this Mayor has been so damn devastating to it, BUT, then the folks voted for him TWICE. AND the majority of folks did not even bother to come out to vote.

AND yes, illegal immigrants are causing havoc on housing as is AirBnB too. There just are too many damn people in this city, not enough housing and not enough land as well. BUT don't expect anything to change, except it will get worse.

Anonymous said...

But Joe, it's your fellow New Yorkers that keep electing Bozos like what his name. What is his name by the way? His real name I mean! Remember that Einstein said that when you keep making the same mistake over and over and over, like electing Democrats, it's a sign of insanity. Either run 'em out of office or run for office yourself. It's a hard fact but a true one. Foul language and venting on Quees Crap might make you feel a little better but it won't change one thing. Go for it!