Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cellar murder story’s twist

From NBC:

The father of two toddlers who were found seriously hurt in their Queens home last week — one of whom later died — jumped to his death from a Midtown hotel, police sources said.

Mohammad Reza Torabi, the father of the 1-year-old twins, was found dead Saturday after jumping from the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 on East 57th Street, according to police sources.

Police had been interested in questioning Torabi about the incident prior to his death, the sources said.


JQ LLC said...

Not much of a twist at all.

It looks like this couple moved here so their family could watch the kids so they can continue partying and getting loaded and things took a turn for the worse. She should be charged, but this is a clear case of being trapped in an abusive relationship. And he had a restraining order on him too. Just tragic.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for those kids, nothing snarky from me.

Anonymous said...

Sad story no matter how you look at it. The only victim is this poor child who is no longer on this earth. Things would have been reported differently if they were white.

Anonymous said...

The first news reports the morning after said the father was cooperating and was not a suspect. I thought it was odd that such a statement would be made so soon when the mother had been the one to call the police and was said to be hysterical.

Anonymous said...

"Things would have been reported differently if they were white." How so?

Anonymous said...