Monday, January 18, 2010

New Roosevelt Ave Bridge in the works

From the Times Ledger:

Work to rehabilitate and reconstruct the Roosevelt Avenue Bridge is slated to begin before 2012 and conclude by 2015, the city Department of Transportation announced at Community Board 7’s Monday night meeting.

The 1,400-foot-long bridge, which connects downtown Flushing with Willets Point and Citi Field across the Van Wyck Expressway and Flushing River, was built between 1925 and 1927 and overhauled in the early 1980s.

Now 30 years later the bridge is in need of major work again as its deck is rutted with potholes, some of its welding points have deteriorated and rusted and its sidewalks need to be widened.

The city is planning to replace the bridge’s entire road deck, repair and paint its steel structure, expand its sidewalks from 8 to 10 feet wide each with painted bike lanes, restore concrete work and remove the abandoned station house. No work is currently scheduled for the subway portion at the top of the bridge other than painting it.

The toll on the community? An estimated 34 months of traffic disruptions.

At least one lane of traffic and one sidewalk will be open each way for the entire 34 months of work, according to the city, but for much of the three-phase project, traffic will be shut down in two of the bridge’s four vehicle lanes. There may be some traffic disruptions on the Van Wyck Expressway, but work that could affect the expressway’s traffic flow will be done at off-peak times.


Anonymous said...

Construction on the bridge + Met Game + Tennis match + traffic from new shopping center at Sky View Parc = Traffic Horror Nightmare words can't describe

Anonymous said...

A pain in the ass for sure, but it needs to be done.

I mean, if they didnt do this work and it just collapsed one day, we would be 10x more angry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anon #2. My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

That 7 train is going to be EXTRA packed. A sardine can would be more comfortable.

JO said...

that station house is beautiful. too bad they would remove it.

Anonymous said...

It's about time but the timing is suspect. If Claire Shulman and her band of thieves weren't interested in Willets Point, would this project move forward? Perhaps they are trying to get the folks around here used to lots of traffic and delays so when they build their boondoggle, it will seem like business as usual.

FED UP said...


Anonymous said...

Like the big hole in Lower Manhattan we ever see it completed in out lifetime.
To much corruption involved

The Chuck and Gene Show said...

What's in it for us?

Anonymous said...


A f----g disaster!

Maybe they can use "granny" Shulman to fill some of those potholes.

The crooked bitch!

Anonymous said...

They must have done a shitty job of rehabilitating the bridge in the 1980s if the job has to be done all over again!

Anyone remember the Sunnyside #7
viaduct rehab?

I think it ran about $85,000,000 then cracks developed and it had to be done over again at roughly the same cost.

That very same construction company was responsible for the Main Street #7 re-do which has its problems.

The firm's name was L'Aquilla or D'Aquilla (?).

The track bed of the #7 on the Sunnyside viaduct appears to be cracking once again.

And the support columns on the west side of Muni lot #1 in Flushing appear to be rusting out.

That temporary fix cost taxpayers a couple of million dollars to do but not to worry because TDC is going to tear the whole thing down to build their fiasco!

NYC certainly has a great track record of spending lots of money to get inferior work!

HEY MR. COMPTOLLER LIU...what ya gonna do about it....put out press releases?

Anonymous said...

(LOL) Liu is going to recommend his cousin Tommy Huang to get new city contracts!

Or will it be Tommy's son Henry or daughter Tiffany?

Anonymous said...

Let Wilpon, Shulman, Apelian, Kelty, Evan, etc. pay for the new bridge!

There have been plenty of kickbacks floating around to cover the cost!

Anonymous said...

Let Wilpon, Shulman, Apelian, Kelty, Evan, etc. pay for the new bridge!

There have been plenty of kickbacks floating around to cover the cost!

Anonymous said...

To the Idiot who wrote that the 1982 rehab must have been done poorly should realize,almost 30 years of weather ,winter road salt, pigeon droppings, and over use take there toll. I was on that Job from start to finish and we did a good job. 30 years seems about right for a new rehab.