Saturday, January 16, 2010

JFK on lockdown

From the Daily News:

Cops evacuated a terminal at Kennedy Airport Saturday afternoon when a man breached security and then disappeared, officials said.

The man left the American Airlines Admirals Club lounge in Terminal 8 through a door leading to a restricted area, said Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman.

American Airlines notified Port Authority police, who evacuated the terminal and searched for the man.

Coleman said cops have the man's picture from a security camera and were using search dogs to find him.


Anonymous said...

Rather than saying "a man breached security...", it should be written as "airport security failed to stop a man from entering a secured area..."

Anonymous said...

Wring his neck when you find him. Then wring the necks of the security personnel as well and hire new ones.

Anonymous said...

When you pay security personell $13 an hour,you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says.

The Admirals Lounge ? Do they happen to serve liquor in that area?
The guys was probably throwing back a few and walked through the wrong door.
If you dont want someone to enter an area- KEEP THE DOOR LOCKED - Sometime the most obvious solution is overlooked!

Anonymous said...

Airport security?

Don't make me laugh!

There hasn't been any consistent program in place since 9-11!

It's all just for show.

There have been many unreported breaches before these most currently publicized ones.

Anonymous said...

The News reported last night that he was a Haitian.

How many 1000s of tweeded Haitian are we now bringing to the US?

Why is the Haitian disaster getting 100 times more coverage than Katrina victoms - many who are still in misery?