Monday, January 4, 2010

EDC let Mets pay mob with taxpayer money

From the NY Post:

The Mets shelled out $51.6 million in taxpayer money to contractors shunned by the city for their ties to the Mafia, labor corruption or bribery, The Post has learned.

At least seven contractors the city avoids were hired by the team to build Citi Field between 2006 and 2009, according to government records.

The tainted companies were paid from a $91 million pot the city Economic Development Corp. gave to the Mets.

As part of its agreement with the EDC, the Mets had to submit records detailing how it spent the $91 million and to whom it was paid. Those records show at least six other Citi Field contractors on the caution list.

Queens-based S.N. Tannor Inc. was paid $3.5 million for electrical work despite owner Evan Tannor's 2007 felony conviction for giving $350,000 in kickbacks to disgraced labor boss and ex-state Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin, according to court records.

Another Queens firm, Eagle One Roofing, was paid $7 million. Its principal, Damian Sabatino, was convicted of fraud in 2001 for bribing a labor official, money laundering, falsifying business records and prevailing-wage violations. Sabatino also pleaded guilty to income-tax evasion in 1996.

And now EDC is giving money to a different kind of mafia that operates in the area - Claire Shulman and the board members of her phony LDC, who want to take over Willets Point and turn it into their cash cow.

In fact, one of the blight justifications was past crime at Willets Point, including a mafia-related auto theft ring that was busted 15 years ago.

Yet the government agency that wants to condemn WP has no problem using mafia contractors across 126th street. Why ask for details on how money is spent if you aren't going to look at what they put down?

This is a good example of why we need Public Authorities reform.

Hell, why not just BRING IN THE FEDS already?


Anonymous said...

Claire Shulman shows up everywhere. I guess she rewrote how thing can get done the new way after Donald M. left this world. Now it's all buttoned-up and legal to take project consulting money.

Anonymous said...

The mob and Queensboro Hall have been in cahoots from day one!

And those slurred allegations of the Willets Point businesses being mobsters continue to issue from granny Shulman's rank mouth!

Pack that bitch in a 50 gallon drum seasoned with olive oil and ship her to Alaska...heh, heh, heh.

Maybe some hungry polar bear might dain to feast on her foul preserved carcass.

P-s-s-st...don't bother hacking into my e-mail you FBI boys and girls.

This was only intended in jest.

Anonymous said...

"Deign" dammit.

Lino said...

"And those slurred allegations of the Willets Point businesses being mobsters continue to issue from granny Shulman's rank mouth!"

New Flash: The -entire- junkyard/used auto parts industry in the N.E. IS mafia controlled.

From the bam-bam boys that take the cars to the sellers of the parts..mob scum.

BTW: Robert Moses tried to clean out Willets PT. in the early 1960s prior to the World's Fair, they had a good lawyer....Mario Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

Well then I guess you'll have to condemn every auto parts establishment in the northeast. And every non-auto parts related business that is near one.

In the 1980s your beloved Mario Cuomo tried to take Willets Point via the ESDC and give their land to Donald Trump for the Sportsplex project.